Alpenglow: One backpack and a breath full of faith

Alpenglow: One backpack and a breath full of faith

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To live a dream we must let go off reality! 
I met Lillay a week before her marriage. I missed  the usual glitter in her eyes... Instead saw a smouldering blaze of marital jitters. Here's a bite from our secret conversation:
She: I don't know why am I getting married so soon. I wanted to travel around the world... see places and do so much... Instead I am plunging into some other reality!
Me: So travel... err... with him.
She: No, I am soon... rather already have become a "domesticated cow." That's my truth!
Me: Either let go off reality or fulfill a dream! Or else strike a balance somehow. May be an all women trip?

Author: Ambika Bhardwaj
So we all know that authors write this part for themselves. No sooner than I was told to write my profile, I realised how much I suck at it! I discovered how I can write about so many things: travel, raita of life, different shades of people, inner contradictions, synchronicity - But not me... so let's keep it to: Ambika is still exploring. She is kind of bipolar- for her equal love for home and the world.
She essentially believes what George Bernard Shaw said, "life isn't about finding yourself but creating yourself".

Travel is a dream endeared by many... lived by few. That's the reason why I left my comfortable blanket in Delhi to sprint through my bleeding heels in the Himalayas! One backpack and a breath full of faith was all I had when I leaped forward for our first trip to Nag Tibba. Trekking, I feel is like digging your toes and heels in the snow, clutching snow with your swollen hands... testing if you can pull yourself just one step further. So, it's like life... when you don't know what lies ahead but you keep on digging your heels in uncertain circumstances, testing some snow to see if you can pull yourself up, just one step further. This is a glimpse of how I felt when I trekked Triund for the first time. To go on... regardless of snow filled shoes and swollen hands... Just like you would go on in life.
I discovered the road to travel Nag Tibba ... long after passing Triund. It was a threshold to be crossed in life. It was about crafting the traveller within.

Our group left Dehra Dun around 7 A.M in the morning in a tempo traveller. We stopped at Tomar dhaba in Juddo, for a quick breakfast. If you go there, don't forget to order some raw fish. They hook these from the Yamuna and if you love fish (eating :P) then you should relish these!

We reached Pantwari around 10.30 A.M. Then, fastened our backpacks to hit the candidly steep trek. And as they say, beginnings are always tough! So the first half an hour will be a little testing... but once you get a taste of it, you just can't stop barging forward! Though as you get along, you will be lured by oak, rhododendron, cider and pine trees, but what really wins your heart is the Himalayan eagle. We saw one swaying, and screaming in the sky "I rule and I know it!" 

Like busy ants on a mission, we trekked for around 3 to 4 hours to reach Nag Tibba Base camp. While kissing the sun a good buy for the day, we fixed our tents. And trust me, that's more fun than it sounds like! The rest of it looks like a movie to me now (yes only this part about travelling is like a movie) blazing bonfire, amazing food (Thanks to Dharamji, our cook! ), mesmerizing music and a sky full of stars to witness our wanderlust!

To welcome another day full of myriad possibilities, we left the base camp quickly after breakfast. A touch of wilderness in a cup of tea and breakfast, we were all set to leap forward. 

Trekking day 2: Ride slow! Not because you fear falling into the oblivion, but because you always run so fast... It's a run from office to work, from one pillar to another post, an alt-tab from one email to another reply, from one meeting to another... So just ride slow under the umbrella of a green sky...and you will hear the stormless tranquility! I surrendered to the wilderness and I let it intoxicate me. 

Duration: 3 Days
Season: Feb-Jun, Sep-Dec
Grade: Moderate
Region: Garhwal (Uttarakhand)

I remember while trekking, I'd come far ahead alone... In the wild speechless forest, where leaves fluttered and words were worthless. If you experience this, you will precisely know why Ibn Battuta said, "Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." It's silly to say it out loud (as I am not a yoga person :P )... but I'll say it anyways... It was like meditation... meditating on the rhythm of your breath. One breath, one step, and one backpack at a time!

On reaching Nag Tibba top - I am NOT letting this one out (though I know you can Google :P ) But you have to do this to believe it... that moment when you take the eventual few steps , see some happy faces playing with snow, when you fall with a thud on the snow clad mountain (Nag Tibba Top), under the clean blue sky... Discover your moment with sigh! 

"Life is certainly uncertain...", said Mohammad Shadan. So make the most of it, travel whenever you can, was my advice to Lillay :)


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Beautiful description of a trek to a beautiful place. Well articulated and informative

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