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Explore the Himalayan terrains with no barriers between you and the outdoors. Biking is not only the best way to explore the world but is thrilling and full of adventures on every turn. The routes are fascinating yet challenging and lay a perfect landscape for your dream bike trip!

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Cycling has become not just a cool way to get around but also a mode of fitness and recreation lifestyle for the fitness and adventure geek. People have discovered the joys of what the Tour de France is all about and mountain biking, albeit at their own pace and space. With access to world class cycling gear and delectably scenic routes, cycling has finally arrived.

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GIO Jeep Safaris are exploratory trips into some of the finest handpicked outdoors and having a very strong flavour of everything local. On these trips expect to get a very Up Close and Personal experience of the region with a small group of likeminded fellow backpackers. Upping the irresistibility quotient are the extremely inviting price tags on our trips

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