FAQ’s for Backpacking Journeys

FAQ’s for Backpacking Journeys

Who are these trips meant for?
- For any individual with a strong desire to explore offbeat outdoors & different cultures
- Free spirited travelers seeking Up, Close & Personal Who are these trips meant for?
- For any individual with a strong desire to explore offbeat outdoors & different cultures
- Free spirited travelers seeking Up, Close & Personal experiences and not constrained by want of ‘comforts’
- People who love travelling in small groups. Please note average group size of our trips is 10 – 12 people
- Travelers who are fine with lots of road travel which is not always on highways!!

How do we travel in these trips?
Transport is a very important component of the journey and plays a crucial role in the overall experience. Any kind of transport that is required in your trip is prearranged by GIO for efficient movement between destinations so that we can explore to the maximum without losing any time. You will travel by Tempo traveler, Mini Buses, Jeeps and at times local transport

What kind of accommodation do we get? And how many people to a room
We will be staying in guesthouses, small hotels or tents. These are beautifully located facilities handpicked by us, to give you the real feel of the place. We try to give a homestay experience too on most of our trips. With neat and clean rooms and toilets, a homestay is a facility that allows travelers to stay with a local family and get involved in their daily lives and culture. While in a homestay guests are requested to respect the integrity of the household, community and customs by minding basic protocols
Most places 3 people share a room but at times the sharing pattern can change especially in Homestays

We are a couple and want to have a room only for the two of us throughout the trip, is this possible?
Yes, this is very much possible but there will be cost supplement to it. Our office executives will be able to give you help you with this

Are meals provided on these trips and if yes, what’s the food like?
On most of our trips we provide daily breakfast and dinner. In the detailed itinerary given to you, on all days you will see B, L, D mentioned against each day, this indicates the meal plan for the day. If you have (B, D) mentioned it signifies you will get breakfast and dinner on this day. Similarily (B, L, D) indicates you will get all meals and so on
On our backpacking journeys you get simple food which is fresh, hygienic, tasty and has a strong local flavor

What is expected of me?
- Being self-sufficient throughout the journey
- Active participation in all the activities and daily chores, no pressure!
- We expect you to take the explorations to a new level. Feel free, go exploring!
- We want you to be comfortable with the fact that the backpacking itineraries are always flexible and can float according to the ‘then’ present situations.
- Maintaining and respecting the values of the locals
- Maintaining; team spirit and enthusiasm among the group
- Get involved and keep other members motivated towards the experiences
- Ready to leave your comfort zones and participate in big or small situational opportunities; that come across during the journey
- Keep an open heart, trust the road and enjoy the journey
Last but not the least leave no trace!!

How do I choose the right trip for me?
We offer Backpacking journeys with varied experiences & in varied regions so you have a platter to choose from. We suggest you get in touch with one of our executives and they will guide you on what is most suitable for you

What is the general profile of people on these trips?
Most people fall in the category of ‘Live For Travel’. Majority are working professionals. We get people mostly in the age category of 22 – 35 years for these trips