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This style of trekking is absolutely true to the concept of exploration and focuses on self-reliance in the wilderness. On our backpacking explorations we move in a small team led by 2 GIO experts, where everyone shares responsibilities and play their part in the execution of the trek. We all carry our own loads, set up campsites, cook food and learn how to survive in the wilderness. A basic hunger for the outdoors, good fitness levels and ability to work in a team are a must for these programs. With an expert trip leader leading the trip there’s a very good opportunity for developing strong outdoors skills that will play an important role in your future exploration

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Backpacking Trek Beas Kund & Friendship Peak Base Camp
Based on 0 reviews.
4Days |May-Jun, Oct-Nov| Moderate+| Max Alt: 4000mts (Friendship Peak Base Camp) SKETCH ITINERA...
Backpacking Trek Chopta
Based on 0 reviews.
5 Days | Apr-Jun, Sep-Nov| Moderate| Max Alt: 4000 mts (Chandrashila Peak Summit)SKETCH ITINERARYDAY...
Backpacking Trek Dayara Bugyal - Surya Top
Based on 0 reviews.
5 Days |Apr-Jun, Sep-Dec| Moderate| Max Alt: 3700mts (Surya Top)SKETCH ITINERARYDAY 01: Dehradun Utt...
Backpacking Trek Goecha La Hut Based
Based on 0 reviews.
10 Days | Apr-Jun, Oct-Dec| Vigorous| Max Alt: 4930mts (Goecha La) SKETCH ITINERARY DAY 01: ...
Backpacking Trek Hampta Pass
Based on 0 reviews.
4Days |Apr-Jun, Sep-Nov| Moderate| Max Alt: 4300mts (Hampta Pass) SKETCH ITINERARY DAY 01: M...
Backpacking Trek Hampta Pass & Chandratal
Based on 0 reviews.
5Days |Jun-Oct| Moderate+| Max Alt: 4300mts (Hampta Pass)SKETCH ITINERARYDAY 01: Manali (2000m) Jobr...
Backpacking Trek Har ki Dun & Jaundhar Glacier
Based on 0 reviews.
7 Days | Apr-Jun, Sep-Dec| Moderate+| Max Alt: 4300mts (Jaundhar glacier) SKETCH ITINERARY D...
Backpacking Trek Kedarkantha
Based on 0 reviews.
6 Days | Apr-Jun, Sep-Dec| Moderate+| Max Alt: 3800mts (Kedarkanhta) SKETCH ITINERARY DAY 01...
Backpacking Trek Kuari Pass & Pangarchula
Based on 0 reviews.
6 Days | Mar-Jun, Sep-Nov| Moderate+| Max Alt: 4700 mts (Pangarchula Peak) SKETCH ITINERARY ...
Backpacking trek Markha Valley [ Manali - Manali ]
Based on 0 reviews.
12 Days |Jun-Sep| Moderate+/Strenuous| Max Alt:5200m(Kongmarula Pass) SKETCH ITINERARY DAY 0...
Backpacking Trek Nag Tibba
Based on 0 reviews.
3 Days | Feb-Jun, Sep-Dec| Easy| Max Alt: 3050 mts (Nagtibba Top) Sketch Itinerary Day01: De...
Backpacking Trek Roopkund & Jurangali Ridge
Based on 0 reviews.
7 Days |May-Jun, Sep-Oct| Moderate+| Max Alt: 4750mts (Jurangali ridge) SKETCH ITINERARY DAY...
Stok Kangri Backpacking Trek [Manali-Manali]
Based on 0 reviews.
11Days | July - Sept| Strenuous| Max Alt: 6153mts (Stok Kangri)SKETCH ITINERARYDAY 01: Arrive Manali...