FAQs on GIO Backpacking Treks

FAQs on GIO Backpacking Treks

1) How is a GIO Backpacking Trek different from a Regular GIO trek?

In a regular GIO trek while there is no compromise on quality of outdoor experience, there is a conscious effort to keep all trekkers comfortable at all times. Generally, we reach a starting point by taxi; stay in good quality hotels/guesthouses wherever required, put our personal bags on a pony, walk the trail and arrive at a well setup campsite and the kitchen team dishes out some interesting meals. This is one style of doing it and we have been running treks this style with great success since past 16 years

In a GIO Backpacking trek you will get to know what it’s like to execute the same venture with a different style. We reach the starting point in a local transport, fasten our backpacks, and are led into the trail by the GIO trek leaders and from there on sustain and stay safe on our own. We find safe and scenic campsites and setup the camp and cook food. All trekking & camping responsibilities are shared between the trekking members. This style though more challenging helps trekkers pick up solid outdoors skills. Backpacking is immersive, collective and demands higher level of fitness

2) Who should come for these treks?

Any physically fit individual with a spirit of adventure and a sense of responsibility towards their team and the environment can opt for these programs. A good fitness level is a must; as one is required to carry their back packs for several days and perfrm daily chores like camp set up, cooking, building fire and so on

We offer Back Packing Treks with varied levels of difficulties to choose from. There are treks for beginners and some for the experienced trekkers only. Feel free to speak to our experts select the right trail for yourself

3) What are group member responsibilities like?

- First and foremost, responsibility of the team member is to carry their own load (backpack)

- This being a team effort, each member is required to do certain chores and tasks throughout the trek

- Upon reaching the campground team will be given responsibilities of setting up the campsite/pitching tents, preparing kitchen and meals, fetching water, collecting firewood etc.

- Most importantly it is each member’s responsibility to maintain a jovial spirit and work in teams. One is expected to be sensitive towards others physical & emotional safety

4) What kind of food do we get on this trip?

GIO trek leaders and other members cook basic meals during the course of the trek. Also participants are free to bring energy bars or any other supplementary food of their choice for themselves
Meal plan for a day on the trek will look something like:

  • - Toast with Cheese/ Butter/Jam
  • - Porridge
  • - Tea/Coffee
  • - Veg Pulao
  • - Boiled potato
  • - Boiled Egg
  • - Juice (tang)
  • - Chocolate
- Tea/Coffee
- Biscuits
- Soup
- Vegetable
- Dal
- Rice
- Pickle
- Papad


5) How will this course/ trip help me build outdoors skills?

The whole idea of this course/trek is to upgrade your outdoor skills, and turn you into a pro trekker. You execute a trekking expeditions with a team of maximum 11 other participants and 2 instructors. You will traverse in the wilderness, negotiating no. of situation that may come around in the outdoors. Face to face with the wilds, under the guidance of our skilled trip leaders; you will learn how to execute a self-sustained nature friendly trekking expedition.

Few of the several skills that can be developed through this course are:
1. Enhanced knowledge about the mountain environment; river systems, glacial systems, weather pattern, flora & fauna and many more aspects of the same
2. Tent Pitching and other camping skills
3. Surviving in the wild without harming the elements
4. Basic rope knots, rock craft & snow craft/ice craft (depending upon conditions)
5. Making controlled fire in the wild
6. Knowledge of first aid and altitude sickness
7. Team skills
8. Navigation Skills

And last but the not the least, the skill to Leave no trace and be enthralled by the mountains

6) What kind of back pack do I need to get?

We will be providing you a backpack for the trek so you don’t need to get one. In case you want to carry your personal backpack please ensure that it is at least of 65 -70 litres capacity and can easily take a load of about 20 kgs or so

7) How much will my backpack weigh and what do I need to carry in my back pack?

a) Normally a well packed backpack on GIO Backpacking treks weighs around 15 - 17 kgs

b) You will be carrying your sleeping bag and sleeping pads, in addition to your personal gear, hence we suggest you carry only the essentials, and quick dry light weight clothing if possible

8) What are the essentials that I need to carry on these treks

Good quality trekking shoes are mandatory on such explorations. other essentials that you need are:

- 2 full sleeve t shirts
- 2 trekking pants / lowers
- Pair of shorts
- 1 Fleece
- 1 Wind proof warm jacket
- 1 down feather jacket (for snow conditions)
- 1 water bottle (metal/sturdy)
- Swiss Knife
- Thermals: upper/lower
- Warm cap/Balaclava
- Warm Gloves (water proof if possible)
- Sunglasses and cap
- Insect repellent
- Good quality head torches (with extra batteries)
- 4 pair socks (woollen/cotton)
- 2 pair undergarments
- Camera
- Lightweight floaters/sandals/slippers
- Raincoat / Poncho
- Small light weight towel
- Sunscreen Lotion
- Lip Balm
- Medicines, if requiring any specific medication
- Personal toiletries
- Books, if you like reading
- Keep a few poly bags or waterproof bags in your bag in which if required you can put your belongings in case of heavy rain
- Camera if you like (with fully charged batteries)


9) What kind of accommodation at base places do we get on these trips?

Wherever required you will be staying at basic homestays or local guest houses on mostly 3 people to a room basis. These rooms will be neat and clean. Be aware that the room sharing pattern can change at times due to availability of rooms

10) What must one expect on this trip?

Loads of fun, exploration & learning to be self-sufficient in the outdoors

- Understanding and accepting these ventures as a team effort, and realizing your duties towards your team is of utmost importance
- These trips can be physically demanding so one needs to be in reasonably good shape
- Under the supervision of GIO’s expert trip leaders you will help in daily chores and maintaining the spirit of adventure in the team by motivating everyone and participating to the fullest

Expect to be blown away by the whole experience!!!

11) Can I opt for a porter to carry my load?

There is no option for hiring a porter to carry your luggage. All back packing trips require members to carry at least their own load if not more. For anyone who requires porterage, can opt from GIO’s regular treks

12) Smart Packing techniques if any

On day 1 we will brief you on how to pack and repack your backpacks for the venture, which is the first skill you will learn in this backpacking course