Backpacking Vs Regular Treks

Backpacking Vs Regular Treks

The difference between both the styles is the experience that is offered. In our regular treks while there is no compromise on quality of outdoor experience, there is a conscious effort to keep all trekkers comfortable at all times. Our backpacking treks on the other hand are more immersive, collective and demands higher level of fitness. Best feature of BP treks is that it offers an opportunity to learn and enhance outdoor skills to be self-reliant in the wilderness.

  Regular Treks Backpacking
Experience: Maximum exploration & uncompromised comforts. Small groups, comfortable camping, good quality hotel/guesthouses & well planned meals. Option to take the trek on single or double sharing basis Maximum exploration and maximum learnings. Run like a proper mountain course this is a great option for people looking at BUILDING CONCRETE OUTDOOR SKILLS. Also great for people on a budget. Demands good fitness levels

Good variety of quality meals are prepared. Meals that fulfills your nutritional requirements as well as holiday needs. A fixed menu is prepared and followed throughout the venture. Kitchen staff accompanies the group.

A healthy and basic meal will be cooked by all the group members themselves, guides also help in preparation.

Skills Development:

Low to Moderate


Skills learnt and practiced:


  1. 1. Navigational skills
  2. 2. Walking Techniques
  3. 3. River crossing techniques Rope knots
  4. 4. How to build a fire
  5. 5. Survival and safety in the wilderness
  6. 6. Rock climbing/Rappling
  7. 7. Depending upon conditions ice/snow craft techniques
  8. 8. AMS and first aid

And much more…

  1. 1. Here you have an option of easing it out by putting your load on a pony or porter.
  2. 2. You stay in double or single occupancy.
  3. 3. You don’t carry your sleeping bag, mattress, any ration or camping equipment.
  4. 4. You don’t do daily chores or camping duties
  1. 1. Here you pick up your own back packs.
  2. 2. Pitch your own tents
  3. 3. You share your tent with 2 or 3 other teammates.
  4. 4. Carry your sleeping bags, mattresses, some (optional) ration and camping gears.
  5. 5. You take part in the daily chores and camping duties, like making fire, picking wood etc.
Accommodations at Base: You stay in good quality small hotels or guest houses on single or double sharing basis You stay in Homestays/ Small Guesthouses, selected by us. Normally 3 people to a room, at times more depending upon availability.
Responsibilities: Most safety aspect is handled by your trip leader and his team. You are responsible to respect the wilderness, keep a joyful spirit among the group and most importantly leave no trace.

Each member is responsible for the safe execution of the venture. Active and deliberate participation is basic requirement for these treks. Responsible for daily chores and camping duties.
Fitness Level Required: There are various treks of different difficulty levels. One can choose what is suitable by their fitness level and experience A good fitness level is a must; as one is required to carry their back packs for several days and perform daily chores like camp set up, cooking, building fire and so on