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Chadar Trek 2017 - Ladakh

Situated deep within the winding passages of the snow-covered mountains, the frozen Zanskar river is a trekker’s paradise. Adding to the beauty and charm of Ladakh, this natural wonder is a magnet for avid adventure lovers. Intriguing and extremely surreal, the trek to the frozen bed of the river is the rarest. One among the most challenging trails, it requires skill and endurance. Popularly known as the “Chadar Trek”, one has to face the cold and the altitude that makes this trek completely treacherous.

Trek to Chadar is a traveler’s dream as one gets to witness the enigmatic lunar landscape, live in caves and walk on sheet of ice. If you wish to experience ultimate adventure, this trek is an ideal choice to make. Head out to the narrow valleys, witness breath-taking views and halt in a cave for the night. It’s a vigorous 9 days trek for the brave hearted. Open during the months of January & February, Chadar Trek is a bizarrely pleasurable experience in itself.


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Chadar Trek - Ladakh [Experience]
  Rs. 20,500/-   Rs.18,000/-
  EMI Starting From : Rs. 912/-
  5 Days Moderate +
Chadar Trek - Ladakh [Standard]
  Rs. 26,500/-   Rs.23,500/-
  EMI Starting From : Rs. 1,190/-
  9 Days Vigorous
Chadar Trek - Ladakh [Upgraded]
  Rs. 30,500/-   Rs.26,500/-
  EMI Starting From : Rs. 1,727/-
  9 Days Vigorous