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Corporate Adventures

GIO Adventures introduces Corporate Adventures, an organized outdoors adventure program for your team in which all what is expected of them is fun and relaxation - but, the take away is tremendous. 

We offer exhilarating experiences for your team in form of the Best Trekking Trails in the Himalayas, Whitewater Rafting in the best rapids in the country, Cycling on Amazing Routes, Overland Experiences through mind blowing routes to name a few. All these have been curated by our Outdoors Experts especially for you.

Training programs on leadership, negotiation and team building are important as long as they can be incorporated practically in the workplace. Corporate Adventures is the bridge between theoretical training and effectiveness in the workplace because the experience on outdoor adventures is very real and helps realize these aspects in a very unforced and even sub-conscious level. Whether one is on a trek through beautiful meadows or picturesque snowed-in craggy mountains or on a raft paddling down a Class 4 + rapid, there is no way a person is going to come back to normal without a realization of something invigoratingly good of what has happened. A sense of real camaraderie is the least of these.

Consider this - you have spent money and time on training your team on aspects of leadership and team building. They have been taken through the theoretical aspects of these and creative ways, games and other practical examples, have been used to drive the message home. Now they have understood it conceptually and you want to see it translated to the work place.

An organized trip for your team or organization sure will be in a group but the takeaways will be individual and that benefits the organization. Each individual will process their experience in a different manner. And what's more connecting with nature will boost creativity and health. 

Your program can be tailor-made for you.

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Empirical studies of Outdoor Adventure have concentrated on examining behavioural and psychological outcomes:

On the Social Front

Strong anecdotal evidence indicates that outdoor adventure experiences can enhance interpersonal relationships and improve socialization, and can facilitate group bonding and co-operation. Outdoor adventure can help to reduce formality in relationships and develop more human relationships and awareness between young people, and between young people and staff.

On the Personal Front

Outdoor adventure activities can cause short-term enhancement of aspects of self-concept (including gains in self-esteem and self-efficacy), and can cause short-term improvements in internalization of locus of control. These gains appear to be more significant on longer adventure programmes.

Various developmental benefits are associated with regular physical exercise (such as regular outdoor adventure experiences can provide), e.g.. humour, patience, energy, optimism, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-assurance, emotional stability, improved body-image, etc. Direct experience of the natural environment, such as outdoor adventure may offer, can have significant mental and physical health benefits, can enhance self-esteem and self-confidence, and can provide opportunities for spiritual development.

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