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Fascinating Roopkund

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The Skeleton Lake at Roopkund

When you are eyeing the enchanting landscape of Roopkund in the greater Himalayas, you are aiming for a trek of 15500 ft at Roopkund and 16200 ft at Junargali. With majestic peaks, deep forests, steep slopes, picturesque villages, gurgling brooks, this one makes a very thrilling and adventurous trekking summit.  
In the Uttrakhand state of India, two Himalayan peaks Trishul and Nanda Ghungti overlook this beautiful basecamp. Roopkund is located in the expanse of Nanda Devi National Park. Roopkund, as the name suggests is a lake area in a depression. It is mysteriously famous for human skeletons. This much-talked about Skeleton Lake has bones at its edge which become visible when the snow melts. These human remains have many stories to them and have invited several studies too. Some of the remains have been kept in Anthropological Survey of India Museum in Dehradun as well.

Roopkund Skeleton

Roopkund - Skeleton

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For the Intrepid Traveler in you

This trek is not a cakewalk and needs strong mental and physical attitude to go with it. A month of physical activity before planning this trek can be very helpful for the new trekkers. The trek consists of steep height, forest areas and snow covered terrains which require a certain kind of fitness to enjoy the walk through this paradise. World-over trekkers love doing this trek because no doubt it poses physical challenges but it also promises exquisitely beautiful and mesmerizing views. For the nature lovers, it is no less than a celebration to be here. This stretch of 53 kilometers means intimidating high altitude environment. Ali and Bedni bugyals are the meadows that lust all and the beautiful village of Wan is much talked about. The legends say Vedas were written in these meadows of Bedni Bugyal .

6 to 8 days are considered best to do this trek from Lohajung to Bedni to Ghora Lautani to Bhaguabhasa. It is advised to do this trek in a group or with a learned guide. At one point of time, it becomes really difficult to lug your own body weight; the backpack may pull you down further. There are porters available at every basecamp.  They may be hired as per need. 

Be There, Do it

Now let us take a closer look to the route that takes you closer to this mysterious lake. The first ascend starts from Lohajung at 7,700 ft. But before that one must reach Kathgodam. Most of the trails start from here. A beautiful drive from Lohagang to Wan is easy and comfortable.

Duration: 6 Days
Season: May-Jun, Sep-Oct
Grade: Mod+
Region: Uttarakhand

The thrill of the trek seeps in only when one begins ascending through the mountains, valleys, rhododendron forests to reach Gaheroli Patal on the first day. Second day brings a new adventure and it requires making way through the virgin forests to reach the meadow called Ali Bughyal. At an hour distance is Bedni Bughyal and here one calls it a day again. Next morning means aiming Pathar Nachauni via Ghora Lotani. If you have enough time in hand, take a break, relax and rejuvenate at Lotani. Start next day for Pathar Nachauni. From here there is 5 kilometers to do to reach Bhagwabhasa. The high altitude and the gorgeousness of the place pose like ‘beauty and beast’ together. As you move forward, it gets extremely windy. But you are yet to do the real climb. The final lap means the steep gradients of the 5 kilometer trek and there one reaches the snow covered Roopkund . Mesmerized, none would want to miss the Junargali which is absolutely close-by. Breathe in the beauty, fill your lungs with chilly Himalayan air and begin your descend as per the ascend route. 

GIO arranges for a 6 Days trek route which is like discovering an underlying mystery in the remote parts of Chamoli district in Garhwal. 

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