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Trekking is almost like an addiction, making me want to run to the Himalayas very so often. I admit, I took a break from adventure travel when I had my daughter and when it was time to get back to ...


The quaint charms of Manali have captured the attention of tourists all over the world. Celebrated for being an-all- year round magnet for adventure seekers, Manali will be a perfect destination fo...


Craving to explore the Himalayan paths and peaks this upcoming season! So, while you choose your route, let me tell you that Himalayas are at its...


As ludicrous as it may sound, it took me a lot to get myself to walk to the grandest travel beacon of India – Taj Mahal. I never really yearn to see places with a million footprints already on it...


Adventure Trekking Trips In India | Best Outdoor Camps | GIO