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Kasol, is a small hamlet nestled along the Parvati river valley, in Himachal Pradesh. Perched at an altitude of 1640 mts, it is 42 Km, east of Kullu. This ever fascinating tourist destination is also known as the Mini Israelof India. It is so called, because most of its inhabitants are from Israel, and also its local culture and style has an Israeli touch. No less than a fairy-tale place, Kasol isdivided into two, the Old Kasol is on the Bhuntar side, while the New Kasol is on the Manikaran side.

This whimsical spot boasts of the right mix of a rustic& urban lifestyle.With a number of places to hangout, it offers great choices of Italian,Israeli & Indian cuisines for food lovers. For the ones who wish to tread the trails, a hike to Kheer Ganga or ManikaranGurudwaran, will be a lot engaging.Your Kasol trip, will truly be a trip of a lifetime.

A complete nature retreat, this picturesque village is surrounded byexciting vistas of pine trees, cliffs, hot springs and waterfalls. It’s a great feeling to witness the snow - capped peaks reaching the happy blue sky. For sightseeing options there are few amazing places to visit in Kasol. One can visit Jamlu Devta Temple,Malana village(often referred to asLittle Greece), & Tosh a beautiful village which turns out to be a sensory delight. A cultural hub, itremains a lot untouched by the modern lifestyle.

Serving as the starting point of few of the enticing treks like Sar Pass Trek, Yanker Pass Trek, Pin Parbati Pass, etc., this place is an interesting spot to explore.A short trek to village Chalaal or a slightly longer trip to Pulga Village can also be taken up. Apart from trekking, one can also indulge in adrenaline filled river Rafting and can also try their hands at Angling.

The best time to visit Kasol, the picture postcard place is between the months of March – May (for the Wilderness enthusiasts)& October – June. Although Kasol weather is pleasant throughout the year, during the above months the weather varies from 15- 22˚ C. However, for those fond of chilly nights, the temperature during winters (Oct – Feb) will vary from 3 -10 ˚C.

Why to visit Kasol

  1. ·   Journey to Malana village & uncover the legends of its Inhabitants who claim to be the descendants of Alexander, The Great.
  2. ·   Make a visit to the hot water springs that serve as perfect settings in this high-end natural retreat
  3. ·   Start off with few amazing treks like Sar Pass Trek, Yanker Pass Trek, Pin Parbati Pass Trek.
  4. ·   Indulge in River Rafting, Trekking or Angling
  5. ·   Chomp on delicious delicacies in the Café’s around the village.
  6. ·   Mingle with the ever-welcoming locals

Place to visit near Kasol

  1. ·   Malana Village
  2. ·   Manikaran Gurudwara
  3. ·   Jamlu Devta Temple
  4. ·   Malana Village
  5. ·   Tosh
  6. ·   Chalaal
  7. ·   Pulga Village

How to Reach Kasol

Kasol is well connected by Air and Roadways. A bus from Delhi will take you to Bhuntar and then a local HRTC bus from Bhuntar will lead to Kasol. If you wish to travel by air, a flight from Delhi to Bhuntar, the closest airport to Kasol,will lead you to Kullu.If one wishes to travel by train, you can board a train from Delhi till Chandigarh and further take a bus till Bhuntar. Taking a bus from Bhuntar, one can reach Kasol.

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Kasol Weather

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