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Mountain Skills

Trekking in the Himalaya

The Mountain Skills Course (MSC) is a great way to equip yourself with the necessary skills required to explore and enjoy the high mountains in a manner which is safe and has low impact on the mountains. It is for people who've always been attracted to the mountains and wanted to make their own forays in remote regions high above the snow line. With the climbing & camping skills picked up on the course one would be able to do solo and small group high altitude trekking trips in the Himalayas. Also one would have a solid foundation for an advanced course in mountaineering.

What Does It Take To Be On This Course? 
Course does not require one to have any previous climbing experience, rock climbing skills or knowledge of rope systems. All that is required is a good level of fitness, some background in trekking/tramping and the all important Spirit Of Adventure! An important prerequisite would be good level of aerobic fitness. This course is about walking on varied terrain with a backpack on your back. So be prepared to walk for 6-8 hours daily and carry a load of about 15-20 kgs on your back.

What Does One Learn on the MSC
Good judgment, technique & using the right equipment are the three pillars to having a safe mountain trip. Our guides will help you develop climbing skills by practicing on rock and snow and by making you spend time in a high altitude environment. Apart from the great experience you will have spent time at an altitude of 14,500 ft or crossed a high alpine pass at about 16000 ft. From the MSC course you are sure to pick up skills which not only help you navigate & climb the mountains but also help you develop leadership & team skills.

Instruction Topics:
- Equipment what to bring and how to use it
- Rope & Rock climbing technique
- Climbing on snow & rock
- Glacier travel
- Alpine camping
- Snow skills using crampons, ice axe and self arrest
- Map reading & Navigation
- Avalanche Awareness
- Basic First Aid
- Weather forecasting
- Route finding
- Low impact travel & Leave no trace

After the course you should:
1. Be able to camp above snowline
2. Be confident walking on loose & uneven alpine terrain and also through snow and glaciers
3. Be able to make sound decisions in an mountain environment
4. Have developed basic rock & rope skills
5. Be able to cross a high alpine pass or climb a moderately high peak
6. Be ready for an advanced climbing course

For more information please contact GIO Adventures at with the subject line: Mountain Skills Course.
This course can be adapted for School and Corporates as well as for a group of individuals.

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