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10 Reasons Why Nag Tibba is our Favourite Weekend Trek

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The Nag Tibba or the ‘serpent’s peak trek, is getting very popular among adventure seekers these days. GIO Adventures’ 3 day trek to Nag Tibba makes for a perfect weekend getaway.

Located at 3022m, Nag Tibba is situated near Mussoorie and has a beautiful circular trek trail. Roads till as far as the starting point make this trek a short and sweet one. Here are 10 reasons why the Nag Tibba trek is an ideal weekend trek.

Guest Author: Anamika Nandedkar
Anamika Nandedkar is a sports journalist who is taking baby steps into the world of blogging. She often forgets to prepare lunch, but that is because she is busy writing about travel and her life, or simply day-dreaming about turning into catwoman. Being married to an Army guy got her to Uttarakhand and she simply cannot imagine living anywhere away from the mountains now.
Duration: 3 Days
Season: Feb-Jun, Sep-Dec
Grade: Moderate
Region: Garhwal (Uttarakhand)
  • » The place is an ideal weekend getaway since it is not far from the city of Dehradun. You first need to reach Dehradun. This is the farthest you can take a train or airplane to, but beyond that you can travel by bus or private cab. Usually the trek to Nagtibba starts off from a village a little ahead of Mussoorie called Panthwari, so from Dehradun, you can reach the starting point of the trek in less than three hours! How cool is that !
  • » It is an easy trek and it becomes much easier as GIO Adventures takes care of guides and porters. It’s a short one and won’t exhaust you. You need not be an experienced trekker as well, although basic fitness standard is required... need some more convincing? Then keep reading.
  • » Oak, Rhododendrons and Deodhar trees cover every slope, every hill, every valley, along with golden patches of thick alpine meadows inducing a neat euphoria. Now don’t just sit and wonder about the thrill vicariously in movies or television, rather, experience it firsthand! Nag Tibba trek is the easiest way to witness what goes on in the lower Himalayan forests.
  • » It is a short trip! You don’t need to carry a lot of luggage, or take a lot of days off work. Just pick a weekend and get started.
  • » Are you a bird watcher? Who are we then to keep you from taking up the Nag Tibba trek, when there are hundreds of exotic birds you can spot throughout the journey. And get the best camera you can lay hands on. We don’t want you to regret not having thought about this, right?
  • » Ever wondered what village life looks like? Then Nag Tibba trek is a delightful way of familiarising with the Garhwali lifestyle in the villages. You can check out the local markets if you want. Go explore humanity!
  • » Experience the rush of the gushing rivers as they hurtle down the valley to break the silence in the forests. Himalayan rivers, unlike their counterparts in the plains, are full of energy and rage. It is the lifeline of people in the hills. Walking past it will make even a tired traveller energetic for the challenges ahead.
  • » What is it like to spend the night beneath the stars? What is it like to wake up in the morning inside a tent? Does a dinner by the bonfire excite you? Break away from the bustling city life and the ever-lasting fight of finding mobile network, and enjoy with the nature.
  • » Nag devta’s temple, a simple structure where villagers worship the serpent God. The villagers believe the deity will protect their farms and cattle, and so they worship him. Compared to other temples in Uttarakhand, this one lacks the fanfare and show-off, which in a way, contributes in a peaceful and quiet environment.
  • » You’ve tasted blood now! Not literally of course. The trek to Nag Tibba has definitely given you a taste of adventure, assuming this was your first trek. New trekkers usually start off with smaller trails like this one, and then advance to the difficult ones. And since Nag Tibba gives you that sense of achievement on its completion, you will definitely aim to push further.

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