Pin Parvati Trek

Pin Parvati Trek

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Pin Parvati is a pass which acts as an entry point from Kullu to the Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. It links Pin Valley and Parvati Valley, and all travellers who have crossed this pass would swear by its heavenly beauty. This pass was discovered by Sir Louis Dane, way back in 1884 and it has been a ‘must-trek’ place for every adventure lover ever since.

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The trek can be undertaken only when the weather gods are helpful and benevolent, which happens only from June to October. The pass is covered in snow for the rest of the year, and so literally out of bounds. But worry not, while the sun shines, GIO Adventures will not miss a single moment to get you to experience the exhilarating beauty of Pin Parvati pass.

There are two routes via which the Pin Parvati pass can be reached. GIO adventures decide which route is best for you depending on your fitness level and your previous trekking experience.

It is time for you to do some self-evaluation and see which of the two Pin Parvati pass treks is made for you:

  • You can cross the Pin Parvati pass while trekking from Kullu to Spiti Valley. It is a 9-day trek of which you will spend five days on foot, so any person undertaking this trek should be extremely fit. This trek comes under the strenuous category and GIO adventure experts will accompany you through the duration of this high-octane trek. This trek has all the ingredients of a perfect trekking recipe – some tricky climbs, walks through lush green meadows, river crossings (and lots of them too), and camping in the snow to reach Pin Parvati pass located at a height of 5300m.
  • Are you a newbie to the world of trekking and mountain adventure? Then maybe it is best that you take it easy (of course, not too easy), and just hit the Pin Parvati base camp. The trek to Pin Parvati base camp which goes through Mantalai, is very similar to the above mentioned ‘strenuous-level’ trek but has been toned down to suit those who are moderately fit. This 8-day trek will take you to a maximum height 4450m. Once you have had enough trekking experience, maybe you can come back to cross the Pin Parvati pass the next time and GIO Adventures would be ever-too-happy to help you do that.

Those wanting to undertake this trek should know that they are in for a tremendous journey which spans two very contrasting terrains. One side of the pass is completely different from the other side in terms of culture and geography.

The journey starts from Barsheni, a small town further ahead of Kullu. A short trek will take you to Khirganga, a meadow which is famous for hot water springs.

Duration: 9 Days
Season: Jun-Oct
Grade: Strenous
Region: Himachal Pradesh

Fun Fact: Did you know hot water springs have a high sulphur-content, which makes it impossible for a human to stay in it for a longer period of time. One would start feeling dizzy eventually, so trekkers beware, it’s not a hot water jacuzzi. Of course, GIO guides will tell you this on your way too. We are just giving a heads up!

Trekkers would then get a feel of what the Himalayan forests in Himachal Pradesh are like. Dense jungles full of pine trees will be your friends on your way to Thakur Kuwan and Ody Thach. Crossing rivers with ice cold waters is an adventure in itself, and the entire trek to Pin Parvati pass (or to the base camp) has many rivers which need to be negotiated. You have absolutely nothing to worry about as far as safety is concerned because for GIO Adventures, it is of utmost priority.

It is on the fourth day of the trek that travellers will set out for Mantalai and face some challenges enroute. Mantalai lake is a beautiful site which is nestled among mountains and is breath-taking even in winters when everything is covered with snow. Since trekkers can rest for a day in camps here, it is a great opportunity to soak in the peacefulness of this place.

From here a 3 hour trek takes you to the base camp and if you are the lucky adventurer who gets to travel further to the Pin Parvati pass, then here’s a silent high-five from everyone at GIO Adventures. A rigorous snow trek to the pass is the most invigorating experience and the sense of achievement at having made it to the other side of it is even more special.

Congratulations, you are now in Spiti Valley. Say goodbye to the meadows and jungles you have been seeing till now. The topography of Spiti is completely different from what you have been witnessing for the last couple of days.

Mudh village and Kaza town are two more points on your map which you need to tick off before you drive down to Manali, where the trip ends.

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