River rafting, a great holiday option for families

River rafting, a great holiday option for families

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River rafting has evolved from being a hard-core adventure lovers’ domain into a family activity, in the past decade and about time too!

The rivers in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are ideal for rafting as they have some of the best rapids in the country. Rishikesh has become synonymous with adventure sports such as rafting. Ganga and Alaknanda have become the hub of all river activities, but we at GIO Adventures have put together packages for not just these two mighty rivers, but also for many lesser-known (yet extremely exciting) rivers perfect for such sport. These packages are the best holiday option for families looking to enjoy amidst nature for a couple of days.

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A sports journalist who is taking baby steps into the world of blogging. She often forgets to prepare lunch, but that is because she is busy writing about travel and her life, or simply day-dreaming about turning into catwoman. Being married to an Army guy got her to Uttarakhand and she simply cannot imagine living anywhere away from the mountains now.

Let’s get a few things straight:

  • » Rafting can be done by anyone above the age of 8 and below the age where your limbs stop working. It is also a perfect family outing.
  • » You need not be fighting fit to get on a raft and paddle away. There are rapids and lines of different grades and levels, meant for beginners as well as experienced people. Also, every raft has a well trained and highly GIO Adventures guide – the best in the country!
  • » You won’t be flashing that pre-rafting-riverside-smile once you are done with the course. Your expression will change to whatever that conveys the emotion “wow”. You will already be planning your next trip down the thrilling rivers!

So when we say that rafting is perfect for families, we mean every word of it.

The rapids, or the rough water patches on a river which a raft needs to cross, are usually divided into different grades. These grades denote the level of difficulty and the skill required to negotiate it.

So if you have kids with you, then according to their age, rafting experts at GIO Adventures will suggest specific rivers and rapids, perfect for you, which is easy, keeping the kids’ safety into consideration. Usually, any child above 8 is eligible to go on a raft with adults. As you already know, Safety is GIO Adventures’ biggest strength.

Anyone who feels that bringing kids on a rafting trip is not a good option, then think again! It could be one of the best experiences the child will get, witnessing the pleasure of paddling through a rough river amidst the mountains.

And while you are at it, enjoy a fun-filled stay at Himalayan Eco Lodges near some of the best locations for rafting, in the country. These campsites, managed by GIO Adventures, are great to spend a fruitful time in the hills with your family. They are located bang on the riverside with white sand beaches.

Of course, you won’t be on a raft the entire day. For example, a three-day rafting weekend vacation will include a maybe half a day of rafting on various river courses daily. The rest of the day can be utilised by indulging in other adventure sports like rock climbing, bridge slithering or short-distance trekking as well. There are special camping activities by those pristine beaches which would lift your mood instantly after a tiring day of rafting. The staff at GIO Adventure campsites, take special care of kids and keep them engaged in creative activities.

The duration of rafting tour for families can vary depending on your needs. The month of March brings increase in rafting traffic to the hills and is considered a good time to enjoy this water sport. The melting ice would feed the rivers and the temperature is also quite pleasant.

Plus, children also need a break after studying so hard for the final exams, so unwinding with a rafting trip is a great option. It could either be a day-long trip, a weekend getaway, or a leisurely 7-8 days vacation. Upper Garhwal region provide great destinations where Gio Adventures will give you the best outdoor experience.

No family holiday-planning is complete without taking into account the security and safety aspect. Though river-rafting is an adventure sport, it is a very safe activity as long as every detail is taken care of. At GIO Adventures, we feel safety of travellers is of paramount importance.

Only the best rafts, paddles and other related equipments are used, supervised by an in-house expert. All rafts are accompanied by safety kayakers who are there as a backup for rescue in case of an emergency – this practice is not followed by all adventure sports organisations and GIO Adventures feels special pride in adopting these measures.

Except the monsoon months, when the flow of rivers is brutal and not suitable for rafting, all other months are ideal for a family vacation. If you wish to add other adventure activities to your rafting tour so that you can experience it all in a single trip, then do get in touch with us at GIO Adventures and we will customize an unforgettable trip according to your own specifics. Happy rafting and go have a splash!


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