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The Trip (For clients who have travel )

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* Why did you choose to take this trek/trip with us?

* How did you come to know of us?

* Did you have any problem booking the trek/trip?

* Was the information provided before the start of the trip helpful & sufficient?

Accommodation, camping arrangements and food

How was the lodge you stayed at. Please let us know how you rate (1 to 10. 10 being excellent and 1 Poor):

* Location

* Cleanliness

* How was the food during the entire trip. Please share suggestions if any?

How were the camping arrangements? Comments.

Quality of tents & other equipment:

Site Selection


The Team

* What would you say about the team (leaders/guides) that accompanied you?

Did you learn any life-skills/outdoors skills from them?

Did they have the right information with them?

Were they courteous/helpful?

Room for Improvement

How do you think we can make your experience better?

In closing

Would you like to say something in closing?

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