So, You Think You Can Trek? Well, You Can!

So, You Think You Can Trek? Well, You Can!

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All the time you see the hills, you could have this strong desire to go trekking. A strange thought or fear could hold you back. The imposing mountains can seem hard to climb and the stories from others who might have had to abort the trek midway owing to fatigue may further put your own capabilities at doubt. But you need not worry. Trekking is not as difficult as it is made out to be provided you invest a bit of your time on preparing your body and mind before taking on the mountains.

No matter what your age, dream of successful trekking is something you can realise. All it takes to accomplish the trek is to have a healthy body and will to do it. It takes some effort to begin the preparation and once you have gone on your first trek, there will be nothing holding you back. The mountains have a charm that will keep calling you back. There are few things that you need to concentrate upon for a wonderful experience.

  1. Know your body

Firstly, understand your body type and current fitness level. Based on this, research and decide the fitness programme. Keep in mind the trek you are planning to do while you chalk out the fitness plan. Train accordingly.

  1. Fitness

You need to devote a considerable amount of time to work on your fitness. Aerobics and strength training is a must along with a few exercises to boost your flexibility. So the training should concentrate on aerobics, strength and flexibility training. The intensity of the training will depend on the intensity of the trek you are planning.

  1. Acclimatisation

A few days to acclimatise your body before the actual trek will help greatly and is an important point to keep in mind.

  1. Shoes and backpack

Comfortable pair of shoes and backpack are the essential items that you need to invest on. The ease with which you can go up on the trail is directly proportional to the comfort in your feet and back.

  1. Plan and understand the intensity of the trek

If you are new to trekking, it is advisable to start with an easy trek and then graduate to tougher ones. You could choose any trek of your choice, but then your training regime should be planned accordingly.


  • Owning proper and comfortable gear is important.

  • Pack only the necessary items and gear as you proceed to the trek. This will reduce your fatigue greatly.

  • Medicines such as diamox, paracetamol, pain killers, water purification tablets and pain relief spray can come handy.

  • Carry a few chocolates, energy bars or biscuits in your bag to kill hunger pangs and energy high.


A few points to keep in mind while you are on the trail-

  1. The key point while on the trail is to take short steps and deep breaths.

  2. Stay hydrated as you trek. A dehydrated body will lead to fatigue and can spoil the fun. This is the most important of all. No matter which season of the year you are trekking, your body needs to be sufficiently hydrated to avoid cramps and stay energetic. Don’t worry about nature’s call at all.

  3. Stretch your body before beginning your trek to avoid cramps.

  4. If you sense that you are not feeling too well, immediately inform your guides or fellow trekkers. This could be symptoms of AMS or general discomfort.

  5. Stick to the group during the trek. Losing your track is easy on the hills and especially for first time trekkers; it may be difficult to negotiate on your own.

  6. Ensure you keep all the things such as water bottle, cloths that you want to wear the next day etc., inside the sleeping bag during winter. Leaving it outside may turn it too cold for use the next day.

A good level of fitness will decide the amount of fun you have on the trail. Trekking is no mean thing as long as you have trained right. Anyone can do it! All it takes is a bit of dedicated effort to see the dreams of your trekking unfold. Trekking is an immensely satisfying adventure that one must never miss.

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