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The taste of a snowball @ Chandrashila!

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On our way back from Chandrashila, I wanted to pack it all: the mountains, rasping rivers, Himalayan eagles, little pebbles, rocky terrains, Rhododendron trees, parched artistic leaves, shades of silence in the forest, soft little snow balls- all in an attaché. This article may not narrate what typical blogs do... but if you read in between the lines, you will see how full my attaché is.

Night sky, smouldering bonfire on a random mountain, and a mystical conversation... drink some from this unforgettable oasis of memories.

Durga half smiled while narrating his tale... his introduction to rafting the divine Alaknanda was not so friendly. The roaring river shoved Durga off the raft, grasping him in the oblivion. Drowning his way into the unknown... he relentlessly tried and tried hard to find his way back to life. Several rescuers sprinted fast to lend a hand. With exhausted energy and unyielding breathlessness... Durga almost gave up on life. It was then that he came close to the inlet... ironically he didn't even have the strength to give life a second chance, to hold on for a few more seconds. He paused, looking intensely at the shapeless conversations of flames in the bonfire.

Author: Ambika Bhardwaj
So we all know that authors write this part for themselves. No sooner than I was told to write my profile, I realised how much I suck at it! I discovered how I can write about so many things: travel, raita of life, different shades of people, inner contradictions, synchronicity - But not me... so let's keep it to: Ambika is still exploring. She is kind of bipolar- for her equal love for home and the world.
She essentially believes what George Bernard Shaw said, "life isn't about finding yourself but creating yourself".

His eyes reflected strange shades of fear and life when he spoke again. In the middle of this- life and death passage, he envisioned a flashback. A flashback of all his significant moments and people in his life. Having a last look of "how life was" before kissing death forever.

Finally, he was rescued back to life.

The same day I had to take a bus to Delhi. I was sitting next to this person who (as assumed) handled a call center in Gurgaon. He "invested" good three hours in bashing his employees on phone, for bad scores and unmet targets of the month. How they have impacted his business and his life is shattered into smithereens because of this month's scores. 

It was then that it struck me!

Had this man been in Durga's place, drowning his way to the oblivion, would he still recall these three hours of his life?  It got me wondering, would this person sitting next to me, remember any of these three hours in his flashback? 

Longtime after this:  The thought swept me again, when I smiled sitting next to Deoria Tal Lake(Chopta Trek), looking at the reflection of a thousand splendid stars and a lonely mountains in the water. Our team of five unconventional doctors, four freshly out college guys and two determined beautiful ladies had reached Deoria Tal lake in the evening. 

The next five days we wove our travel tales, rediscovered wanderlust, lived some dreams, trekked our way through bizarre landscapes, were spellbound many a times, laughed aloud at someone who tumbled on snow, lent each other a hand on those slippery ice patches, redeemed faith in one's own self... All in all it was about how we met as strangers and departed as travel companions and friends for life! Please find interesting insights from our itinerary: 


Here's to a sunset chased by rain in Deoria tal lake(Chopta Trek), the soulful night sky reflected in the clear lake, a morning when you lead the way to sunrise, a moment when you feel photographs may not justify the surrealistic view, that simple smile when you reach the mountain top...  When the journey and destination both are held dear. You need to experience Chandrashila... to experience the inexplicable!

Concluding the trek, no matter how exciting new beginnings are, departures are always tough! Beyond the realm of  "see you soon" and "goodbyes" all I could say to our wonderful travel companions was "fir milenge kisi pahard par". These were the moments, worth capturing in the flashback! Thanks to Durga I never forget to roger that!

Test your bounds! Throw yourself out of that comfort zone and know that you can be more than what you think you are!

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