The Great Family Vacation At Viraatkhai + Nag Tibba Trek

The Great Family Vacation At Viraatkhai + Nag Tibba Trek

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Nag Tibba is the best family trekking destination when it comes to spending some quality outdoor time. Situated at 3, 022 mt, it is the highest peak in this region of Uttrakhand. Just a 57 kms drive from Mussoorie, Nag Tibba boasts of thick snow covers, beautiful oak and fern spreads and breathtaking views of Bandarpoonch peak, the Gangotri group of peaks,  Kedarnath peak, Doon valley and the Chanabang snow peaks. It is a five-day trek.

Day 1- Viraatkhai

On the first day, you will reach the Viraatkhai camp via road from Dehradun. Here, you will be greeted by our staff and the trip instructor. After a while's rest, you will be taught about the various nuances of rock climbing ranging from how to tie the rope to how to climb safely. Today's activities will include ropes, knots, valley crossing, rock climbing, rappelling, setting up a bonfire, getting a barbeque going, etc.  The topography in this region is beginner-friendly and our expert staff will take full care to ensure you have a safe trip. The day will end with a bonfire and a barbeque when you all can sit and relax, share stories of the day with each other.

Day 2- Viraatkhai - Yamuna Adventure Park

We will begin the second day with a nice breakfast. Soon we will head towards the Yamuna Adventure Park. Today, your instructor will teach you the basics of river hydrology by organizing adventure activities such as rafting, stream walk, swimming, river crossing and duckie rides. The whole point of this exercise is to make you self-sufficient and well-equipped to handle diverse trekking situations. In the evening, we will drive back to Viraatkhai camp.

Day 3: Viraatkhai - Pantwari Village

A two-hour drive from the lodge will bring us to Pantwari village near Mussoorie. This is the starting point of your trek to Nag Tibba. The trek from here is a 4-6 hours walk and is mild in terms of extremity. Kids can easily walk this route. There would also be ponies and vehicles for those who feel tired or do not want to walk all the way up to Nag Tibba. Along the way, your guide will talk to you about the area, its flora and fauna and the local culture. After reaching the campsite, our outdoor camping experts will guide you in choosing the site, looking for wood, making your own loo facility, and pitching tents. The objective behind this is to train people in environmentally effective ways of outdoor camping and surviving. We will mark the end of the day with some nice dinner and a bonfire.


Day 4: Reaching Nag Tibba

Another four hours of trek will bring you to the top of Nag Tibba peak at 10, 000 ft, where snow and misty sky will greet you in all its beauty. Today, the instructors will give you important instructions about using a compass to navigate your way. At noon, an outdoor cookout session will be organized to soothe your taste buds. After lunch, we shall start walking back to our campsite. In the evening, various games will be organized for the kids and after a good dinner, the night will be spent in tents under open sky.

Day 5: Departure

Day 5 will bring us to the end of this memorable adventure trip. We shall hike down from our campsite towards the base camp of Tevagaon. From here, the vehicles will take you back to Dehradun.

It's an easy trek and a trip worth taking with your spouse and kids. With numerous fun and learning activities, you will never realize how time flew by.


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