Mountains, Memories & The Valley of Flowers!

Mountains, Memories & The Valley of Flowers!

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On stumbling upon the Valley of Flowers, a British mountaineer once said, ‘In all my mountain wandering,’ he wrote, ‘I have not seen a more beautiful valley where the human spirit may find repose'.

Bewitched by the endearing beauty of the mountains, the memories of my trip to this heavenly outdoor is still afresh. Standing amidst the tall wildflowers, I was startled with the way they danced in sync with the wind.  Yes, it seemed no less than heaven on earth decked with naive untouched natural beauty. The breathtaking panorama of the mighty mountains and snow decked peaks were worth capturing. Valley of Flowers as the name suggests appeared like a technicolor carpet on that fine sunny day. Set at an altitude of 3250m and above, there was a herd of adventure seekers who had clambered this divine place. For me, witnessing the spectacular charm of Valley of Flowers was no less than a dream.

Valley of Flowers

Glimpses of my Trek

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Popular amongst vivid trekkers and beginners alike, the Valley of Flowers trek is spell-binding. It requires a full day hike from Govindghat to the whimsical village Ghangaria which is also called Govindhdam. Around 14 km from Govindghat, the trek to Ghangaria is picturesque. It offers a visual treat to trekkers who follow the trails through the forested area. It takes around five to seven hours to reach the Ghangaria village. Take some time out and plunder the old charm of this one-street village. Spot out the lush green deodars competing with one another. Walk past the bustling and busy market not forgetting to catch glimpses of rustic restaurants and a string of amusing ponies.

Going forward with the trek, from Ghanghria, the fabled Valley of Flowers begins as we slowly ascend 2km uphill from the ticket office and continues for another 5 kms. For trekkers young and old, the tracks are easy to follow. A tougher trek from this village is the one which takes the ardent roamers up to Hem Kund, the sacred Sikh pilgrimage. 4300m uphill, this revered lake is surrounded by seven peaks. According to the legends this spot is believed to be the place of meditation of Guru Gobind Singh. Enthusiastic trekkers can take the zigzag trail, if they wish to witness this holy place. Inspite of distances, treks to Ghanghria, the Valley of Flowers and Hem Kund are the most tread.


Thanks to GIO Adventures, as they offered me with a home away from home. I completely enjoyed my stay at the extremely beautiful & comfortable campsite at Ghangria, away from its crammed market. Nestled in the encompassing natural beauty, GIO offered me with an ideal place to relax and unwind myself. Set in an offbeat location, this campsite offered me with a chance to witness stunning beauty of the mountains and the wilderness sprawling all around me. Apart from the basic amenities, GIO Adventures made me indulge in activities that helped me rejuvenate. The Swiss tents were well furnished and the team of professionally trained guides is worth the praise.

Valley of Flowers - Watterfal

Duration: 6 Days
Season: Jun-Oct
Grade: Moderate +
Region: Garhwal (Uttarakhand)


Look out for!


  • •   Indulge in sightseeing; the glorious sight of the bugyals (high-altitude meadows) is just not to be missed.
  • •   Tie your laces and hike up to a vantage point to observe the colossal beauty of this natural wonder.
  • •   Witness the bloom that encompasses almost 300 species of flowers making the valley of Flowers a World Heritage Site. Few of the prominent species being Braham Kamal, Blue Poppy, Anemone, Geranium, Marsh marigold, Prinula, Lilium, Potentilla, Ranunculus, Inula etc.
  • •   This place serves as a home to Asiatic black bear, brown bear, snow leopard and blue sheep, to name a few. Last but not the least; you might just get lucky in case of an exotic animal encounter.

This up close personal experience with the world's hidden oasis of flowers is the one that lingers in my head and is there to stay forever. Undoubtedly, my trip to the Valley of Flowers was one of a kind.


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Going through such travel stories is a lot interesting. Jotting down an experience is both informative and inspirational for the ones who read it. I felt amazing after reading this blog on Valley of Flowers, it offered me lot of details of this trek that I had always been looking for.
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The Valley of Flowers & Hemkund Sahib Trek is the most incredible..... A visual treat for the trekkers, this blog brought back my memories of this trek.....
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Valley of Flowers..... Nothing can match the beauty of this place. The panorama of this place is breathtaking. I loved the detailed description of this captivating spot beautifully put together in this blog.
Created On 2016-08-02 06:27:13 Posted By Anurag Thakur Comment Link
The best trek for trekkers young & old, Valley of flowers & Hemkund Sahib is the easiest of all treks. Reading this blog opened up a window to this spectacular place the memories of which still linger in my head.
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It was great to read the Valley of Flowers blog! This write-up transported me right amidst this heavenly outdoor worth witnessing. Given a chance I would love to go back to this place........

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