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Isolated yet extremely alluring, Tirthan Valley is remote & beautiful. Rich in diverse flora and fauna, it is a quaint spot adored by countless ardent roamers. Dotted with numerous hikes and engaging trails, it gives way to whimsical villages. Banjar, Gushaini , Sairopa, Shoja and Jibhi are few of the places to visit in Tirthan valley that can trigger the explorer in you. Named after the Tirthan River, this valley is blessed with natural beauty to the fullest.

The sun kissed mountains, coniferous forests and alpine meadows, makes this spot a secret Himalayan Paradise. To witness the tallest temple towers in Himachal, one can hike from Tirthan to Chehni village. Further serving as a gateway to the Great Himalayan National Park, Tirthan offers a plenty of hiking and trekking opportunities.

Blessed with a rare animal kingdom, the land of Tirthan is a commonplace of black bears & snow leopards lolling around. With around 250 species of birds in this region, the valley serves as a great place for bird watchers. Apart from this, Tirthan is an ultimate place to indulge in sightseeing or adventure activities. Avid travelers can be a part of the Tirthan Valley Trek or can Trek the Great Himalayan National Park.

If one talks about Tirthan valley weather, beginning from April to June, the valley experiences the pre monsoon season. Days are sunny (14-22 °C) while the temperature at night ranges from (0-8 °C). The post monsoon season starts from Sep- Nov; it snows towards the end of season. The days are sunny with temperatures hovering around (12-20 °C) and the evenings start getting cold with the onset of October, the nights are comparatively colder (-2 to 8 °C).

Why visit Tirthan

  1. ·   Indulge in sightseeing of Inner Seraj, Jalori Pass, Saryolsar Lake & Raghupur Fort
  2. ·   Avid trekkers can hike up to the Great Himalayan National Park
  3. ·   Adventure freaks can indulge in adrenaline filled activities like river crossing & rock climbing
  4. ·   Fishing enthusiasts can try their hands at angling and be a part of a great fishing experience.

Place to visit near Tirthan

  1. ·   Manali
  2. ·   Malana
  3. ·   Rewalsar Lake
  4. ·   Solang Valley
  5. ·   Gulaba
  6. ·   Prashar Lake
  7. ·   Parvati Valley

How to Reach Tirthan

Tirthan is connected with rail, road & air. If you wish to take a flight, the nearest airport to Tirthan Valley are Kullu (50 kms), Shimla (175 kms) & Dharamshala (190 kms). From places like Delhi, Punjab & Haryana, one can also board a bus till Aut which is just 26 kms from Tirthan. Cabs are easily available from there on, till the valley. You can also take a train to reach Tirthan from major cities, nearest stations being Kalka (240 kms), Chandigarh (246 kms) & Jalandhar (275 kms) .

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Tirthan Weather

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