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Trek to Roopkund

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Adventure is that heady cocktail which has a little bit of everything. A little beauty, a little thrill, a little relaxation... but that dash of mystery is what packs a real punch (no pun intended). So no wonder everyone at GIO Adventures swears by the Roopkund trek – the ultimate combination of adventure and mystery tucked away in the hills of Garhwal. The trek to Roopkund is a great way to experience the brutality that nature sometimes unleashes on innocent travellers.

Okay, enough of mysteries. Let’s just get down to business here. Nestled in the Himalayan mountains of Uttarakhand, Roopkund is a remote place that had unnerved many travellers and adventure lovers because of what was found there – age old human skeletons strewn across the lake that is surrounded by barren mountains. Enough to give goosebumps to the bravest of all, right?

Though the place is stunningly beautiful and very unlike the rest of Uttarakhand – which is very popular for meadows and lush green mountains – Roopkund had preserved that element of obscurity until recently. Research showed that a group of pilgrims suffered an unexpected death due to heavy hailstorm that hit their caravan centuries ago!

But not even such spooky stories will deter the will of those who love to travel in the hills. Which is why year-after-year, GIO Adventures takes countless tourists to on this moderate-level trek.

Roopkund, located at a height of 4750 metres, literally means a beautiful lake. How apt! The story surrounding the skeletons apart, the location does justice to its name.

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Getting Started

The trek to Roopkund is an ultimate test of fitness as the route includes some arduous trekking trails and crossing ice-cold rivers. Roopkund is mostly covered in snow for the majority part of the year, but the small window during May-June, and then September-Oct offers excellent opportunities for explorers to undertake this trek.

Getting there involves a hike through a beautiful Himalayan forest and world famous high altitude meadows called Ali bugyal and Bedni bugyal. Stunning glimpses of Himalayan giants Trishul (7120m) and Nanda Ghunti (6310m) will leave you in awe while the trek itself will sap you of every ounce of energy. But worry not, when GIO outdoor experts are with you, guidance and help is at hand every second of the trip.

But the colour palette of the landscape changes drastically from lush green meadows to dark and gray barren land as one approaches Roopkund. Travellers will have to climb through moraine, rock gardens and snow patches to reach the periphery of the mystery lake.

Duration: 6 Days
Season: May-Jun, Sep-Oct
Grade: Mod+
Region: Uttarakhand

Fitness and stamina has to pass through a stringent test during this hike. On tricky sections GIO trekking guides will help you negotiate the trail.

Trekking in the snow is something the GIO adventure experts are always prepared for. The eerie lake is mostly covered in snow, but if you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of the skulls and bones floating around in the water -- enough to send chills of different kind down your spine!

Unmatched experience for beginners

The best part about this trek is that it sets a high benchmark for beginners who wish to explore the Himalayan mountain ranges extensively. Though it requires you to be healthy and attain some level of physical fitness, it is a very ‘achievable’ task that new hikers can undertake. The thrill and austerity that nature portrays in Roopkund is unbelievable and astounding – definitely worth taking out a week for.

While you are at it, GIO Adventure travelling experts strongly feel that a 20-minute climb to the nearby Jurangali ridge will give you an unmatched and spectacular view of the Roopkund lake. Take a moment to visualise the natural disaster that must have taken a group of unsuspecting pilgrims by surprise in 850 AD. Had it not been for their remains, it is quite possible Roopkund would not have fascinated explorers, researchers and historians to come up this far in the Garhwal region to find out what caused the death of those pilgrims.

But while doing that, do appreciate the immense beauty that you experienced on the trek to Roopkund. A lifetime experience that is bound to stay with you forever – that’s the effect of this mystery lake.

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