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Uttarakhand - Kumaon

Blends of Kumaon

From trekking the majestic Milam Glacier which takes you through the remotest areas offering panoramic views to experiencing the thrill of white water rafting in the cascading River Kali, Kumaon brings it all.

One may also choose from the myriads of things to explore when in Kumaon region. Sunderdhunga, is the must visit valley of beautiful stones; this is one such glacier which is full of natural beauty and within the capacity of trekkers. Furthermore, an adventure enthusiast has an option here to quench his thirst for rafting in the gushing river Kosi.

The closest traverse from the national capital, this region has a blend of influences to explore – dialects, myths, languages, festival, fairs and more…

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Rafting on Kali
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06Days|Mar toApr, Oct toDec|Mod HIGHLIGHTS OF THE TRIPS Rafting on a remote river on the ...