White Water Rafting- Not Just on Ganga

White Water Rafting Not Just on Ganga

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When you think about White Water Rafting in India, Rishikesh and Ganga are the two places that generally come to mind. But there are many other popular locations in India that offer splendid and exhilarating rafting experience. Couple this with excellent landscapes and campsites set at the best riverside beaches overlooking imposing hills and gorges, an exciting experience is a promise delivered. Here’s a sneak-peak into some of the best rapids rafting in the country.

Rafting Expedition On Upper Alaknanda

The upper sections of River Alaknanda in Uttarakhand offer one of the finest rapids for rafting in India. This section is not the best for white water rafting alone. The gorges, beaches and the surrounding forest regions add to the total experience of excitement and beauty with a bonus of camping by the beautiful sandy beaches of Alaknanda.

Rafting From Beasghat - Ganga + Alaknanda

Lying on the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas, Beas Ghat is famous for the greatest eddie currents and best spot to catch the Golden Mahaseer. Beas Ghat is about 12 kms from the legendary confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda, merging to form Ganga, at Deoparyag. If you are looking for an activity-filled day followed by relaxed evenings with a bonfire on the white sandy riverbed to gaze the starry night sky, then this is the perfect place to be.

Rafting On Tons

Tons is believed to have some of the wildest rapids (Class II – III+ rapids) for hard core rapid enthusiasts. The camp is located on a large flat area on the banks of the Tons at Mori which is in the Har-ki-Dun valley, well known for its sheer beauty and unique culture and traditions of the people of this beautiful place. You could also indulge in kayaking, river crossing, rappelling, rock climbing, swimming in forest pools, hiking, visit to some ancient temples, etc. soaking in the beauty of the nature all along.

Rafting On Brahmaputra

The river originates from the glaciers in Tibet before entering India and then gushes down the Himalayan countryside before entering the plains. This provides, during its course down the Himalayas, some stunning opportunities for white water rafting with large stretches of Class III and IV rapids with the occasional Class IV+ rapid. Perfect for an adventurer.

Expedition On The Spiti

The stretch is 77 kms and begins at a place called Rangrik. On the first day, you go through a number of Class I & II rapids and end the day at Sichling. During the day, you also paddle past the confluence of the Pin and Spiti rivers at Atarbu. The next day, you raft down from Sichling to Nadang through a Class II & III rapids section. The last day of the trip is intense as you go through a series of Class III & IV rapids and you get a chance to put to use all the skills that you have picked up on the previous days. The exotic landscape of Spiti will keep you company all throughout and you end the trip at Sumdo, from where you could head to Kaza or Kinnuar Valley.

Rafting On Zanskar

The gorges of Zanskar are as grand as the Grand Canyon and the remoteness of the river adds to the adventure. The spectacular landscape of Ladakh, without doubt elevates the entire experience to another level. Goes without saying, the camp sites are stunningly beautiful. To be rafting in the rapids of Zanskar is an experience in itself, hard to explain or forget.

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