Himalayan Adventure Junkie

Himalayan Adventure Junkie

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Your Guide to becoming an Adventure Junkie in the Lower Himalayas!

Recently, in a conversation with a Canadian 60 year old weekend golfer, swimmer, runner, cyclist AND hiker, it struck me how in India, we haven’t made the outdoors such a prominent part of our lives yet. Ofcourse, we are on the way to doing that, but not quite there yet. Cycling, running and swimming seem to be part of our fitness schedules, but we often don’t treat these as recreational activities. Access and lack of infrastructure being constraints, weekend hikes and adventure activities is impossible for some. The good thing is that the picture is getting more heartening – people want to step out on the weekends and do something fun, adventurous and novel.  For those of you looking to amp up a skill, learn a new one and get hooked to the outdoors, here are the things that you can do in the lower Himalayas. 

Caution: These are addictive!

Duckey RideRafting, Kayaking & River Activities (River crossing, Body Surfing, Bridge Slithering)
The Lower Himalayan region skirts rivers like Alaknanda, Mandakini, Tons and Ganga. Adventure outfits have navigated these waters for a long time and understand every nuance their behaviour. Which means that forging a bond with the rivers over activities like rafting, kayaking, river crossing and body surfing is not difficult. The activities are not just to fill your day, this is an opportunity for you to learn more about the river systems, an in-depth understanding of rapids, time to get over your fears and know the river well. Education masquerading as fun!Needless to say, that these activities are preceded with orientation, safety tips and always done under the supervision of instructors. 


Hiking:A hike is the perfect way of getting to know a destination – Hike the local flora-fauna,the village folks and getting into the skin of rustic living. It is a good way to explore the region with children or elders. Well-defined trails have been chalked out in this region that will have some habitation along the way.


Treks: There is no complex explanation here. The Himalayan region is one the most coveted, for even seasoned trekkers from different countries.Graduate from a hike to a trek and then to an expedition from a number of trails to choose from. You couldn’t get better trekking options anywhere else in the world. Stronger bonds, more learning, more problem solving and more fantastic vistas – the maths is simple!


CampingCamping: When you think of camping, the first thing that comes to your mind is a tent. And if you are slightly creative – a tent at the edge of a hill with clouds filling up the valley. Camping experts teach you how to pick a good camp site, the art of pitching a tent (yes, its an art), folding your sleeping bag (no, you don’t roll it), lighting your bonfire, cooking the basic meals on one and much more that goes behind that perfect campsite. 


Bridge Slithering Bridge Slithering: It sounds easy, but takes ample grit to finish the entire course. For those who like a challenge, this is something you should give a try! It involves the participant jumping from a bridge, onto a rope that hangs over the river. One comes down the rope, ‘slithering’, onto a waiting raft in the middle of the water. Unnerving? Yes! 


Cliff Jumping Cliff Jumping: The very thought of cliff jumping injects a rush of adrenalin for adventure junkies. Some of the safest spots lie in the Alaknanda valley off Dev Prayag. You can choose to leap from a height of 15 to 35 feet in water, with life jackets. Enjoy the thrill as you jump from a cliff, while safety kayak waits down to haul you up. 


OrienteeringOrienteering: Orienteering is the word given to ‘navigating with a compass’.There is more to it than watching the needle – it needs skill to understand direction and access through a thick jungle or over a mountain! Orienteering is an intensive learning process of learning how to navigate from point to point in an unfamiliar terrain.


Mountain Biking Mountain Biking:  For all those who don’t want to traverse the mountains on foot, find your answer in mountain bikes. Alternative routes, other than the main highway, have been chalked out, so that you can really experience the meandering paths of the mountains. Careful, this is not like riding any other bike. An understanding of gears and maneuvering is essential.


Rock Climbing Rock Climbing:   Here’s a chance to really get up close and personal to a mountain. Climbing it without the roads and walking paths.This can be both mentally and physically challenging, so we have the best instructors to teach you all about agility and balance! Safety equipment is provided to all climbers. Also learn about rock formations and how they behave to carry this experience for all your life.


Skiing Skiing:  Go swooshing down snow-covered hills after an intensive training at Auli. This is one of the most popular active vacations in snow – afterall, this gives you all the confidence to help you plan an European adventure next! 


Bouldering Bouldering:  No ropes or harnesses, just an elevated sense of adventure! That’s what bouldering is all about. Special shoes, chalk to keep hands dry and bouldering mats to cushion a fall are used for safety. Usually, this is taught on boulders that are less than 20 feet tall.


BoulderingBungee Jumping:  As much as this is one of the ‘tick of the list’ activities, there is a REAL sense of adventure in bungee jumping! Get instructed, take a deep breath and off you go! This is done close to Rishikesh from a bridge.


BoulderingZip Lining:  It’s not just about attaching your harness to a line and go zipping by. Zip lining needs a sense of balance and some athletic ability. Zip line across valleys and rivers is not as easy as the posters of smiling people. It takes equal amount of guts and skill. 


BoulderingJumaring & Rappelling:  Whet your climbing techniques with jumaring and rappelling experts and surprise yourself when you overcome a big intimidating rock! Jumaring is also known as ascending, prusiking and jugging. It consists of getting latched on to a harness and using an ‘ascender’ (tool) to help you control the speed at which you climb.


BoulderingBird Watching: With secluded lush properties in the Himalayas, we are lucky to have some of the most exciting avian life around us. This gives you an opportunity to identify them, learn about their habitat and also learn a few bird-calls with experts. The next time you are in the outdoors, maybe a different location, even a different country, the thrill of identifying a bird will transport you back to the Himalayas – that’s when we will know that you had a great birdwatching morning.


BoulderingNature Walks: If you are in the heart of some of India’s most lush environs, you might as well be able to identify the plants and trees along the way! One story leads into another and from a single plant’s medicinal value, the conversation drifts into village life, local foods and which berries are the yummiest amongst the many varieties. Also, experts tell you which plants to stay away from and solution to the itchiest interactions!


Bouldering Photography:  Travel and photography are unarguable a good marriage. Afterall, capturing moments on your travels, beautiful sights and the essence of your vacation is quite integral to reliving the memories later – a picture is bound to bring a smile to your face! On the FAVs, we also have the option for you to choose a workshop with a photography expert, so you can capture your holidays better. So while we mean business in terms of learning, the workshop set up is casual and fun! The good part is, that the expert is on the trip with you, so you discussions can go on around the bon-fire!


BoulderingAstronomy:  Ever felt a stab of jealousy when people rattle out constellations and galaxies, with you just staring flummoxed at a brilliant night sky. Time to know a little more than the Orion’s belt! Orbit straight into the star studded sky with an expert and his gadgets on a mildly chilly sky


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