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Verdant Valley Kund - Get closer to paradise

Created On : 01-May-2017 Written By: Hemant Published In: ROOT Hits: 160 Comment: 0

Verdant Valley Kund - Get closer to paradise

Looking for a destination in the lower Himalayas that spells comfort and adventure both? Easily accessed by a five hour drive from Rishikesh, this hidden gem overlooking the Mandakini River is surrounded by mountains and dense forests in the Rudraprayag region. Kund Himalayan Eco Lodge, is the ideal destination for outdoor lovers, without having to give up their comfort.

The best advice for a traveller. Get lazy.

Created On : 01-May-2017 Written By: Hemant Published In: ROOT Hits: 287 Comment: 0

My parents are quite the travelling duo, in love with the outdoors and forever ready for a trip – a sign of their love for nature and keeping up the vitality. The ‘travel gene’, if biologists ever care to christen one, has definitely been passed on, and I’m ever thankful for it.

After a desk job for a few years, the itchy feet syndrome struck me hard in my late twenties. It’s been over five years and there is no remedy in sight. I couldn’t stay in the cubicle anymore. Even if they were short affordable trips, they were ample to satiate the love or travel. The enthusiasm hasn’t died down, so when I am not on trips, I’m planning the next one, or sorting images from the last or documenting them on my blog. Basically, my life is anchored around the word ‘travel’.

Multi-activity holiday in and around Chopta

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Being on the road for several months in an year has inadvertanly made me the ‘in-house Encyclopedia of holiday recommendations’ for friends and family. I’m always being asked about suggestions and tips for solo travels, favourite hostels in a city or the yummiest local food joints. But one question that comes often in my inbox is, ‘‘what’s the best place suitable for children’’ and “Please suggest something for everyone”. Even personally, I’m an advocate of wholesome places – one that have multiple hues, several things to do and that offers a variety of experiences. So when I was invited to a multi-activity trip around Chopta, it promised to be an exciting one. Also, the call of the wild and outdoors is never left unanswered in my travel plans.

Ditching the city for some rustic charm

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Recharge at the Himalayan Eco Lodge in Kund

I’m a firm believer that a periodic dip in energy and inspirational levels are a by-product living in the city. It is the congested streets, digital profusion and being tethered to desks at office that make the need for hitting the outdoors, absolutely essential. Leaving my full-time job to be a travel and communication specialist, has given me a permanent ‘passport’ to stay out of the cubicle. But when I meet several friends and family members who are desperate to look beyond the periodicity of hours, I feel terrible. I recommend that whenever they need a recharge, even a weekend’s travel can do wonders on the mood.