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Family Active Vacations: Your passion for travel has a lineage. You probably picked it from your parents - from subtle references of their travel stories, the times that you took a long train journey together, picnicked by a river or whetted your fishing skills with your grand-dad. Travel makes unforgettable memories and this is possibly the richest inheritance that you can pass on to your children.

The word ‘active’ in a family vacation infuses a sense of purpose, bonding and learning in an easy, yet exciting way. It’s the access to collecting common memories that makes a great trip and even better conversations later. This is especially true for children. We have designed the trips in such a way, that your children can be completely immersed in the outdoors with our instructors, while you can be around as a family as well. And ofcourse, we always urge you to join in for all the activities – afterall, the outdoor skills that we introduce to you, will stay with you forever. Infact, you will see that active based vacations will almost become addictive!

What makes Family Active Vacations with GIO Adventures truly special are some of the core values that we have imbibed and honed over the last 15 years in the outdoors business – the key ones being safety and a wholesome engagement. Having been in close proximity to outdoor adventure for more than a decade, we take safety as the most important aspect of your travel. Our experts are well trained, have colossal experience handling children and only use top of the line, well maintained gear and equipment. While we have plugged in activities for an easy paced trip, we are always ready for more. So if you want to add more activities in a day, feel free to let us know.

Here’s to watching a magnificent sunsets, scaling mountains, pitching your own tent or even getting a fire started on a clear wintery evening – all with your family! We can’t wait for you to join us on this journey!

The Traveller – Families that thrive on the spirit of adventure or want to get started, are welcome to join us in the effort of bringing together like-minded travellers to explore the outdoors. The intent of ‘family active vacations’ is to add a dash of learning through fun activities for the entire family. Though younger children are most welcome, 8 years and above is an ideal age group to participate in activities – whether its an easy hike, a rafting experience or tending cows in a village home. If you think a scraped knee or setting up your own tent builds character, these vacations are meant for you. For elder guests, we recommend that they should be reasonably fit in order to be able to take the strain of travel through the mountains or unpaved roads – though, the accommodations are extremely comfortable. Though each itinerary will imply the degree of comfort, it is recommended to discuss the appropriate activities for everyone in the family before signing up.

Get ‘Active’ – Now that we have the vitals like safety, stay and food covered, it’s time to delve into what will keep your day packed. The ‘active’ holidays will include something for everyone. We have a host of experts, which will lead different aspects of the trip. From naturalists, adventure experts, arts and craft teachers, astronomy, photography, bird watching, geology, history, farming, organic vegetation experts, we have you covered for a range of interests. Treks, educational movies, fishing, getting your hands dirty at farmlands and evenings of local music, games and sharing travel stories by the bon-fire are some of the things that you can expect at a family active vacation with GIO. The fact that most of the activities discussed are pertinent to children will tell you that we are striving to make a special connection with them. While there is variety in every trip, it does not mean that you get limited time with an activity alone. A nature expert stays with us on the entire trip, so get ample time to learn, ask questions and discuss at your own pace. See more on the list of activities that we offer!

Get ‘Local’ – The main aim of these trips is for you to get upclose with nature and also experience the local flavour of the destinations that we have planned these around. Time dependent, we would love you to experience the village life. We will arrange your visits to local schools, temples and markets to enable you to get a full understanding of the culture of the region, its people and customs. Providing authentic experiences of local life, these experiences are the perfect antidote to the frenetic world that most of us live in. Sharing a local meal in a village home or just being invited in for a cup of tea, this is going to give your family an insider’s view of the local life. Here, you can also witness an amazing mix of architecture, cuisine, culture, folklore and stunning vistas. Come sample a style of living that has been lying forgotten in time!

Departures – Most of the FAV travels will be on a fixed schedule so we can make the most of group synergies, right from getting an expert on board to economies on pick ups, activities and more. More than the cost, it’s also a chance for like-minded families to meet and share an adventure; a perfect opportunity for forging a bond over travel. Even within different families joining a group, we intend to keep the number small (not more than 4 families), so that the experience is still intimate and personal. Infact, it will be great if you can plan a trip with family-friends so that there is familiarity to start with. If you do not want to join a group, we can help create a tailor-made itinerary as per your particular interest. Have a look at the trip calendar for the year!

Transfers/ Transportation – Most destinations that are included in our itineraries will need detailed guidance on self-driven holidays, which will be provided with every itinerary. Incase you are arriving at a rail/air/bus node, then pick-ups and drops can be made available on request. Our trusted transportation partners or our own drivers will be used to make these transfers in cars like Innova, Scorpio or others that can withstand travel on the hilly roads of North India.

Accompanying Help - Since it eases the pressure on you, we understand that many of you would like to have your household help, nannies and drivers accompany you for the vacation. Our facilities are equipped with clean segregated accommodation for women and men. They will also be provided food and transportation of the same standard as you.

Costing – Each trip has a varied costing depending on the accommodation, number of days, experts and activities. Given all aspects such as pick-up and drops or and special requirement, it’s best get in touch with us on email/phone for each itinerary.

Trip Extensions: Our trips are planned around some of the richest topographies in terms of history and scenic beauty in India. Since we are outdoor-focussed, you may want to add a couple of more days to your trip. While planning your trip, do get in touch with us to help you suggest destinations that you can plug in.



Trip Calendar: The family active vacations are planned around long weekends, holidays and suitable weather for a particular destination. Watch here for Updates...

How to Use These Trips: Apart from the sheer thrill of travelling together as a family, we recommend some other occasions, which will be perfect for these trips. Have a big family reunion coming up? Plan something exciting for everyone to extend the celebration and head out as a family. We also recommend using the FAVs for special outings for anniversaries and birthdays. These trips will surely become a benchmark for your future celebrations.

Children Focused - Engagement with children is at the highest order, as there is no limit to their intrigue. A walk in the shaded woods can transport them to a world of Alice in Wonderland, or an afternoon on the raft can make them feel like Robinson Crusoe. The idea is to tie back the learning from the outdoors into their daily life and stimuli. You will be surprised at their initiative, willingness to learn and creativity – the truth is, that we learn a lot from them as well.

Health & Safety – Health and Safety are top priority for us because it’s your family that we are talking about. Whether it’s a doctor on call, access to a hospital or special facilities for a family member, we go the extra mile to ensure that you are in good hands. Safety also transcends to the planning part of the trip – the degree of adventure, children friendly monitored activities, only expert intervention for learning modules, women instructors and the use of hygienic & sound equipment. Our team has been on the field for fifteen years and knows how to maneuver their way through the outdoors with a backing of exemplary training. You will see this come through in every aspect.

Accommodation – This is your time for a tryst with the outdoors. Despite this, we understand that comfort is an equally important component for family travel. So whether it’s a tented accommodation or a lodge on a hillside, your stay has all facilities that make for a comfortable time. Think ensuite bathrooms, spacious rooms/tents, good quality mattresses and pillows and cheerful furnishings. Most of our trips are planned around our own properties, which we have developed over years around quiet, unexplored places – an exquisite sunrise view or an exclusive river beach are the kind of filters that we have used to choose these accommodations. Most of the properties used for these trips are owned by us, and known as Himalayan Eco Lodges.

Food – Whether it’s a meal in a local home or a barbeque by the bonfire, your palate is will be introduced to plenty of variety. We ensure that your trip is infused with local dishes, but not overwhelm you with unfamiliarity alone. Expect home-cooked style, simple yet delicious fare for all three meals. We also stock up with ‘plan B’ options for children if they do not enjoy local fare. It will be easy to get your hands on jam, bread, cheese and maggi for SOS situations, though we have never had to pull these out till date! If you can notify in advance, we can try and accommodate any special needs due to health factors.

The Big Question, Why Us - GIO Adventures is like a large extended family of our entire team of guides, experts, cooks, drivers, villagers who we collaborate with and ofcourse the travellers. Business apart, the founders are the kind of people who feel nervous to look at an excel sheet, but are most comfortable teaching you how to tie different climbing knots or how the river behaves in monsoons. The larger team is an extension of the same inclination to bring people closer to the outdoors. These are not just ‘ River Guides’ or ‘Rafting Experts’ these are people who have a connection with nature. Having been doing this for their entire lifetime, they know just how to make this experience meaningful, relevant and fun for your family. The trip is not a mad dash to ‘tick off’ the destinations, but have a lasting relationship with them – a cup of tea at the oldest dhaba in the village, enjoying a silent sunset behind the Himalayan peaks together and feeling the combined thrill of having maneuvered a difficult rapid – something to remember for a lifetime.



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