Responsible Travel

At GIO Adventures we have always been extremely committed in operating our trips responsibly. We understand our responsibilities well and take all steps possible to stay on the right course. Looking back at our journey of 16 years we realize that every bit of knowledge, happiness, growth, wealth that we have achieved we owe it to the Great Indian Outdoors. Born and brought up in the Himalayas, GIO has always been passionate and protective about the outdoors. We intend to take this to the next level by involving outdoor lovers outside our company also in our endeavor to be ‘Super Responsible’. We have a community of nature lovers sharing their ideas with us on how we can get better. For anyone wanting to add to the knowledge pool we request you to send in your ideas at

We have broadly broken down our commitments as below:

Socio – Economic Responsibility - We realize that every destination is someone else’s home & we respect the local way of life. Also we ensure that communities benefit from our visit. We hire local staff and also buy locally, which contribute directly to local economy. In addition to employment we impart training which enhances opportunities for people. GIO employs about 90% people from various remote areas of the Himalayas.

Environmental Responsibility - We leave places as we would like to find them by making a strong environmental commitment. To minimize impact we work to protect and preserve the wildlife, prohibit open fires and also leave no trash behind. Idea being, the beauty of our outdoors can be passed on to generations to come.

Guest Responsibility - Last but not the least we feel committed to give our guests a Safe and memorable experience. We have pledged to run small groups only with safety in mind and in our endeavor to give everyone a meaningful experience. We strongly feel crowding jeopardizes safety and reduces value for our guests. This pledge requires us to take a strong monetary hit, which we do, happily.

Recognition & Association

Recognised by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India as an Approved Adventure Tour Operator