At GIO Adventures we rigorously follow safety management procedures and international guidelines as stated by the International Red Cross and NOLS standards. We work closely with experienced health experts in India as well as international staff to continually update our standards. Our leaders are trained on risk management and backcountry first aid at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering schools and undergo vigorous and meticulous instruction during our pre-season training.

We have a very experienced team of Outdoors Instructors lead by mountaineer par excellence, Mr. Satish Khanduri, who is the Chief Instructor. Together with Nalin Khanduri, founder of GIO Adventures, Satish Khanduri has designed Beautiful and Safe adventure trips for all Outdoor Enthusists to enjoy. Apart from this, there is an enormous emphasis on internal training and constant enhancement of skills and each guide is hand-picked for attitude & love for the mountains as much as for sheer trekking excellence. 

We use high quality climbing, camping and rafting equipment, which is cleaned and tested for safety between every two trips. We also have a Gear Store from where top quality gear can be rented or purchased. This is an initiative to ensure that the traveller has the option of be equipped with safe and good quality gear not only to ensure a comfortable trip but also a safe one.

We travel is small numbers along with a team of guides and porters with mule. The porters along with one guide travel in front of the pack to ensure that the trail is clear and to set up the campsite in advance. In case of cycling trips there is a back up vehicle that carries luggage, spare parts and a mechanic and in case for any reason one isn't able to cycle, he can ride in the backup vehicle. For rafting and other water sports we ensure that each participant wear safety head geards and life jackets. Besides that we have safety lead kayakers that go ahead of the rafts.On top of all our leaders and guides have enormous terrain and river knowledge that always stands at good stead for any unforseen eventualities.

Recognition & Association

Recognised by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India as an Approved Adventure Tour Operator