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It is that time of the year again when summer slowly retreats and we don't need the ACs anymore. The heat and dust subsides and everything seems just so fresh. Raindrops wash away summer woes and once again, we're ready to venture out of our air conditioned rooms. But, soon the monsoon will give way to winter as we hardly have fifteen days of autumn in India. The first snowfall in the hills is a pretty sight and this year, I am going to go ski at Auli make a snow-man for myself. And now I can't stop humming the Frozen song.

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Skiing Auli

Skiing at Auli with Great Indian Outdoors would be a fun experience and this trip is one thing that would keep me cheerful through to dark damp winters. Plans are perfect so far, just awaiting the first snowfall to execute them this year. After what they did to rafting at Rishikesh, I don't want to wait any longer. Who knows what all activities will be banned by the time the 5 year term of the current government comes to an end. I hope someone knocks some sense into them that rafting activities are not spoiling the serenity of the Ganges, but leftovers of religious activities are. (Thank God, we still have Jayalgarh.) But, since that's not happening anytime soon, let me concentrate on my Auli Adventure. 

Duration: 8 Days
Season: Jan-Mar
Grade: Moderate
Region: Garhwal (Uttarakhand)

It's going to be a perfect getaway from Delhi, and into the pristine whites of Auli. A few days away from the super polluted Delhi air would be like a cleansing activity for the lungs. I have stayed with the Himalayan Eco Lodges before, and the experience was extraordinary. So, this time as well, I am going to let them pamper me with all things nice. Their property at Auli is a pretty one, with snow clad mountain ranges visible from the cottage windows. A room with a view is something I can't live without while on a holiday and Himalayan Eco Lodges has a perfect setting for making this wish come true. 

What an amazing experience it would be, to get up to a view of the mighty Himalayas, shining pristine white. A hot steaming cup of adrak-chai in the balcony later, a warm water bath to soak into. Then, a scrumptious breakfast followed by wandering around the resort for a while, clicking pictures of all things beautiful. And then gearing up for a round of skiing. It's a perfect trip for a group of friends, solo travellers as well as a family outing- whichever way you prefer to travel. There is something for everyone. After all who doesn't love snow? 

GIO's experts will take care of the skiing part pretty well and I know that since I've already went hiking with them. They're simple, mountain-people who know their mountains pretty well. With them, I can be assured of being in safe hands. They have advanced skiing courses going on for specific dates as well as they organise one day activities for the beginners who don't wish to pursue a course but just have a fun day in the snow. 

Even though the rains are not over yet, I am already looking forward to my Auli trip by the end of this year. Hopefully, I'll be back with lots of stories and a memory card full of beautiful pictures.

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