Budget friendly travel hacks!

Published 16 Oct 2019

Go off season

Any trip considering the peak season, can spike up your budget really high. For example trip to Goa will be really high in the winter season. However, if you book this trip say in March or April the prices will fall instantly due to lesser footfall.

Take Last minute deals

If you are into travel you must know that many companies offer last minute deals wherein the same package is given on a heavy discount to fill the seats. So if you can wait till the end to book a package then you must make use of this deal.

Check for flight deals

Flights are like stock markets, the deals change with every minute. Be smart, check the odd times and off seasons. Be flexible while booking it. You can crack a great deal. Try to adjust your timings. Fly mid week rather than on weekends, check late night flights, offers, gift cards, etc.

Travel light

Do not load your bag with extra and irrelevant items which you will not use during the trip. Pack light to avoid extra baggage cost. Keep in mind to also save some kgs so that, if you indulge in shopping during your trip you can add to your bag.

Talk to Locals

Speak to the locals of the place and ask about the good places for sightseeing and shopping. They will surely know of better places. Best way to avoid being cheated, is to ask for directions and ideas from the locals. Be friendly with them, which will also let you make long lasting friendships with locals.

Learn the language/ dialect

If you are travelling to a different country or a different state it is important that you learn the language of the place. This helps you be aware of the surroundings and will also keep you at bay from being cheated. Communicating in the phrases used by the locals, would also be appreciated by them.

Carry your own food

While travelling, it is best to carry your food. Anything packed will surely work. Do not carry items like juice, aerated drinks, etc. Note that items at the airport are almost double the price hence, buying it before hand is much better and saves a lot of money. A good way of saving money is to carry your own water in a bottle wherever you are staying. Buying bottled water every now and then is costly and also takes a lot of plastic.

Enjoy street food

While travelling to a local region, enjoy the street food, this will help you taste the local cuisines and the true essence of the culture. While tasting the local street food you will also help in contributing to the development of the place and save a lot of money too.

Stay away from the city

Remember that prices in cities that are touristy will be higher compared to something that is away from the central location. Plan to book a stay away from the city centre. Stays that are located away from the city are quite peaceful and provide a good experience than the one will receive in the city.

Guesthouses or hostels

Other important point is accommodation & if you choose to stay in guesthouses or hostels it will be a budget friendly option. This is because the services may not be of high standard but that does save money, what more?

Rent your clothing

If you are going on an adventure and need jackets, rucksack, trekking shoes etc, and are sure that you wouldn’t be using it on daily basis, rent these items from a local shop or enroute.

Use public transport / walk

Walk as much as you can and as far as you can. What you can do is use public transport busses, metros, trains, etc when you cannot walk anymore. This helps save your money. Tuktuk, taxi, etc will be costing higher than usual.

Rent a bicycle

While staying at a place, if you wish you can also rent a bicycle which will help you save time and will not cost a lot of money.

Use free internet

Take the liberty to use free internet and skip using your international phone plan or national phone plan. Use the internet to make calls. You may not realise it but this helps save a lot of money.

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