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Dzongri La & Goecha La Pass

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The picture on usual Rs. 100 note is a picturesque from Dzongri La, Sikkim. Depicting a picture of Dzongri La on a currency note is a way of respecting nature. Nature has blessed this place in such a way that it is not less than a paradise on Earth.

A trek to Dzongri La and Goecha La in Sikkim help in challenging endurance level of a trekker. Within few hours, one is able to scale to good heights. The higher the altitude, the less oxygen is available. Intake of proper diet and sufficient water in the long run help a trekker in difficult terrains like these.

The trek starts from Yuksom, which is near to Kangchendzonga National Park (KNP). The Kangchendzonga National Park (KNP) in Sikkim is one of the finest ecosystems, where number of species of flora and fauna can be found. Passing through dense forests of Kangchendzonga National Park (KNP) adds excitement to the trek in the initial stages. The clear skies would enable spectacular view of Kangchendzonga range from park itself.

While going towards for Dzongri La pass, one can even see the peak of Mount Kangchendzonga. This Peak is third highest peak in the world. The trekkers are also taken to Thansing, which is almost 3800 meters above the sea level. During this leg of trek, numerous small trees or shrub Rhododendrons can be seen, which add delight to the eyes of hikers.

Duration: 9 Days
Season: Apr-May, Nov-Dec
Grade: Moderate +
Region: Sikkim

Another pass, which hikers come across in this trek, is Goecha La Pass. A glacial known as Somiti is another delight to fade fatigue of hikers. While coming down the slope, group of trekkers is taken to Tshoka skipping Dzongri La pass. Tshoka is also home to various small trees or shrubs, Rhododendrons.

October and November can be the best time to conquer this feat. For any sort of assistance, tour organizers are available at hiker’s disposal. The tour organizers agree to the point that scaling such steep heights at one go can be unsafe for amateurs. Keeping this point in mind, breaks at regular intervals are organized during the trek. This enables adventurers to scale greater heights with an ease. Other details like lodging, equipment, food and other related details can be discussed with the organizers. Each aspect is taken care and it is ensured that best services are provided to adventurers.

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