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Gadgets and Gear

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A list Adventure, Camping and Outdoors Gear for the enthusiast

Self Charging Backpack

Backpack Generates Electricity With Motion Of Walking

Cell phone dead? Just attach a couple straps to your ankles, plug your phone into a USB port in your pack and start walking. It’ll be charged in no time.

That’s the concept behind Go Kin Packs, a Canadian company that is currently fund-raising for the new product on Kickstarter.

The company claims that using the Go Kin a 5-minute walk will produce enough power for a 10-25 minute phone call. The Go Kin can be used any time and isn’t limited by the availability of sunlight or wind.

Self Charging Backpack

BL 100 Lantern

This lantern is like a small compatible Solider with dual light Red and white. it has base of i think 8 cms and top of 5 cms the point is it adjust itself in sag easily, one can put it in Koflach as well. It light up the tent good, it does not give a bright light that causes temporary blindness when one is out of tent.The cap locks very good.The more light u carry in mountains the more safe u r in night.Its good, cheap reliable and something u <3 to carry on mountains. The hook on his cap is the thing which is not good it does fit with most of tents of quechua in a good manner. I make a small ring of thread which act as a connector to tent.Rest all is good. Love Mountains,Love Quechua. Peace to all.

Self Charging Backpack

Meet Earl Survival Tablet.  [$299]

GPS, weather sensor, barometer, thermometer, compass, AM/FM/SW/LW radio, solar charging, Bluetooth 4.0, built in walkie-talkie that works up to 20 miles and Android 4.1 displayed on a e-ink screen for low battery consumption.

Self Charging Backpack

Garmin Quatix.  [$449.99]

Hands-free navigation with built-in GPS, altimeter, barometer, compass & thermometer. It can wirelessly connect to heart rate monitors and smartphones, and is rechargeable via USB.

Self Charging Backpack

Lumix TS5 Tough Camera.  [$299.99]

A waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and freezeproof camera that has Wi-Fi capabilities to wirelessly transfer your content. Also NFC-enabled letting you use your smartphone as a camera remote.

Self Charging Backpack


  1. Samsung SDI Lithium-ion Cells
  2. Designed for Smart phones and cameras that can be charged with USB
  3. 10400 mAh Capacity (you could charge a Smartphone unto 5 times)
  4. High Power Ultra Bright LED Torch
  5. Digital Display


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