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Har ki Dun [Valley of Gods]

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Har Ki Dun or commonly known as ‘Valley of Gods’ in the Garwhal Himalyan range is a trek to look for in the coming season. The lush green vegetation and snow Blanket Mountains are the unique prospects of Har Ki Dun Valley. A trekker can seek divinity with large number of meadows, acres of flower gardens, snow clad mountains, glaciers, waterfalls and much more. The kind of values, which one can learn from locals, while hiking add another prospect to an adventure trips

Swargarohini Peaks

Swargarohini Peaks [Har ki Dun Valley]

The Valley of Gods is connected to Baspa Valley by the Borasu Pass. Another landmark in this valley is Jaundhar Bamak glacier, which is a motivation for adventurers. The Jaundhar Bamak (glacier) touches 4000 meter mark and it is expected that trekkers hike this summit with an ease. Scaling the heights of Jaundhar Bamak would lead close to the base of Swargarohini peaks.

Another place called Haata in this valley would make trekkers feel that alpine flowers are welcoming by blooming pollens. However, reaching Haata is not an easy task, scaling heights for all day can become a herculean task.

Supin River

Supin River [ Govind Wildlife Sanctuary   National Park]

Duration: 7 Days
Season: Mar-Jun, Sep-Nov
Grade: Mod+
Region: Uttarakhand

The presence of Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park is in the vicinity of Har ki Dun trek, which should not be missed out at any cost. A popular local marketplace, Taluka in the region is best to collect souvenirs.

The organizers of the trek ensure best of the itinerary and cover important landmarks. The interaction with local population is another aspect, which adds different colors to the trek.


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We booked our Har Ki Dun trek with GIO and want to just say Wow, what an experience. Great trek and great people. The whole region provides you with plenteous natural beauty, and I'm truly in awe with this place. Trekking was really pretty easy. The treatment i got from the trek guides and staffs was commendable. They were helpful in all the ways and make us comfortable at such great heights. I'm definitely going to Har Ki Dun Trek pretty soon.

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