Rebel, Rejoice or Retreat with Rupin Pass Trek

Rebel, Rejoice or Retreat with Rupin Pass Trek

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Rupin Pass trek at an elevation of 15,250 ft (4,650M) above sea level is an adventurous journey that begins in Uttrakhand and ends in Himachal Pradesh. The beautiful nature and changing scenery is fascinating all through the trek because it offers a twist and change in scenic delights at every hour of the trek. There are phases to it, at times its easy, sometimes moderate and at other times it may test patience but overall its quite peaceful, relaxing and close to a retreat.

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I must tell you trekking in India is fun!

This Himalayan getaway is a beautiful blend of all - Short and sharp climbs, steep ascends and descends, fascinating gorges, varied cliffs and rock faces, wooden snow bridges, gurgling sounds of waterfalls, icy slopes with huge snow fields, lovely glacial valleys, dancing and twirling rivulets, singing birds, whistling breezes,swaying bridges, aromatic nature, snow clad mountains, the blossomed marigolds and much more.


U shaped glacial valley close to the Dhanderas Thatch campsite is a beauty to experience and live through once in a lifetime. The delighting and cascading Rupin falls go down two thousand feet below and one can look down from the highest point. No less this trek is said to be close to a mountaineering expedition with snow, huge mountains and snow fields on all sides. And the final pass climb is indeed thrilling. Hope this has got you excited for your next weekend getaway?


Let’s sketch the lovely road map to this adventurous holiday destination. We will go point-wise.

  • Book a train that takes you from your city to Dehradun station
  • Once you reach Dehradun, take a jeep or car to Dhaula where the trek begins. 10 hours vehicle ride can be bumpy, bouncy but at the same time, it’s a lovely journey.
  • From Dhaula, some quick ascends and dusty roads take you up to Sewa Gaon to Rupin’s bed.
  • The two storey-ed temple with an electric clock welcomes you at Sewa Gaon. This temple combines local and Kinnaur traditions.
  • Sewa 6,150 feet to Jhaka 8,700 feet takes you through barley, potato fields, pine forests and thick jungles.
  • There comes an area where Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, the two states are on your either side.
  • From Jiskun, you get the first views of snow peaks and then follows a long climb.
  • Jiskun is the place where trekkers usually take a break and love the sight of tea house and police station for a change.
  • Next, one of the best trekking trails takes you to Jakha, which is also known as the hanging village on this route.
  • There is another higher trail above Jakha that takes trekkers to Dhara village.
  • So till Sangla which is the final destination, no humans meet you all along the trek with only sheep flocks in plenty. Isn't this trek getting interesting?
  • Following the flow of Rupin, one reaches Uduknal. The bounties of nature and myriad colours captivate you with Rhododendrons in full bloom.
  • U-shaped Rupin valley and the famously talked about Rupin waterfall confirm that one has reached Saruwas thatch where it’s doubly mesmerizing to see a gorge at eye-level.
  • Now greens and meadows along with the Silver birches take you to a valley of yellow marigolds. Here, you walk through a snow bridge to scale 11,680 feet to make to the top of the Rupin waterfall.
  • Dhanderas Thatch is the halting point and from here trekkers start fresh in the morning to move on to Upper Waterfall camp 4000 meters or Rati Pheri camp 4250 meters.
  • One is absolutely excited to catch the sight of water falling down from the mouth of the Rupin water fall and it gives a splendid feeling to see the snout of the great fall going all the way down.
  • The Rupin valley is a spectacular sight. The final climb to Rupin pass is a memorable one. The pass is where one gets the fantastic views of the Kinnaur Kailash range.
  • There comes a descend to Nuru and another much needed halt. 12 kilometers more, Nuru takes you to Sangla.
  • After a free day touring around Sangla, trekkers head to Shimla to return back to their abodes. This trek India gives you enough choices to rebel in its terrain, rejoice in its charms and retreat in its Godly environment.


Duration: 9 Days
Season: May-Jun, Sep-Oct
Grade: Vigorous
Region: Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh

All is well that ends well


Through this trek there may come moments when your legs may ache and heart may get bouncy but the bubbles of joy at the sight of nature and feeling of accomplishments at every halting point will keep you going. And precisely, in the final lap of nature you will feel blessed..

I wonder what keeps the hikers away from this beautiful route when some lovely trekking packages and expert guidance (trek leaders) is available for this Himalayan escapade. It is a high altitude trek and thus safety precautions have to be by your side but at the same time it can be an awesome relaxing holiday destination. Irrespective of season, one is definitely going to see lots of snow around. The best months to go for this trek are June to September.

Rupin Pass Trek

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