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Published 16 Oct 2019

In the words of Henry Miller 'One's destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things'.

Travel, not just opens up your mind but it helps you see things from a different perspective. Coming outside your comfort zone and finding your way intoa new place and discovering your passions, is what travel does to you. Sitting on your desk or in a classroom cannot help creativity come outside your shell. If you want your creative side to flourish, travel will open up new windows and spark the creative side of you.

The skills you gain while travelling helps in your personal growth and surelyin your professional life as well.

Travel makes you craft your spirit towards freedom, gravitatingall positivity. Call it a conceited theory, but travel does make you a magnetic and free spirited person.

Few Reasons to encourage you to travel more:

Opens up your mind

The world has many things which are yet to be discovered by me, yet it is almost similar to the ocean having umpteen things, which are undiscovered by mankind. To be able to travel and see the other side of the world and come out of this curiosity cage that leads to a discovery that is truly empowering. This also helps to escape the monotonyand makes you indulge in new activities, therebysharpening your mind.

Build relationships

Travelling with your family, friends or partners helps bridge the gap and forms a connection with each other. This instantly strengthens the bond and helps to understand each person better. While exploring a new place with your loved ones you get to learn new things about them in the process.

Taking a different turn here, travel helps to make new friends in the places you visit and in turn, creates stronger bonds with them. As it is believed you should have at least one friend who does not know your language and in this way you can learn how emotions speak and connect two people. Language is not necessary to understand each other; actions also help as overall emotions are powerful to build a relationship.

Develop Skills

When you travel, you instantly get a chance to learn new skills. For a person who is an amateur in cooking and travels to a new place, to save money or just any other reason he/she learns how to cook. Travel helps them develop this skill. Or other person who is smitten by the beautyof a place he tries to craft a write up on it, in this way he develops his/her writing skills. Hence, travel broadens your skills and helps further in day to day life.


Not merely getting into thrilling sports, but the essence of adventure during travel can mean finding a small book store which has not been discovered by every other person. It also means tasting a new cuisine and the flavour which is unknown to your tongue. Adventure during travel, is in small bits and pieces which together makes for a thrilling trip. On the other hand,travelling to a new place, experiencing the culture and their lifestyle is also an adventure in every sense. For trekking enthusiasts discovering new trails and getting lost in the woods can create a story which will be remembered forever.


Experiencing a new place or a country helps you come out of your shell and realise that the world is larger than it seems. There are many unexplored things and this instantly gives you a perspective of seeing the world in an all new way every time. This will help you formulate new ideas and also incorporate what you have seen and experienced in your day to day life.

Learn to manage money

Though it may sound absurd but travelling does help you manage money. What travellers usually do to save money, is they stay at locally owned hotels, eat at small restaurants, and avoid touristy places. This helps the travellersee the place in a new light and also absorb the essence of the local area and instantlyhelp them save money. Also, it is best to plan a trip off season, during off season the rates drop and will surely give you a better experience.

Cultural Sensitivity

It is important to be sensitive to the culture of the country or placesyou visit. Not many people think of this aspect and make the locals quite uncomfortable. Ideally, you should respect the culture and the people. This can be best when you do a thorough research on the place and be prepared. Try learning the local language of the place asthis encourages the locals and helps them accept your presence. Also, do study the hand gestures, the expressions, and the attire of the place you want to travel to.

Helps you challenge yourself

When you travel on your own, you learn to challenge your guts and take a step towards discovering yourself. The best of travel is that you get to beanadventurer, experiencing new things daily. While travelling, set benchmarks for yourself, like a to - do list and complete it on your own. While working in a 9 – 5 job, your mind is rusted and pursuing the same daily tasks makes you tired eventually. Go ahead book your ideal getaway to escape the monotonous livelihood.

Savour the new taste

Your taste buds will get the kick of flavours as you travel and have local cuisines. Food lovers would crave to try all the local delicacies and do not be reluctant to try anything new. I once had 10,000 year old Chinese egg, it was good and do not regret trying it at all.

The more you travel the more you learn about yourself and attain a sense of accomplishment. Run for what you wish to do, do not let the strings attached, entangle your hopes and dreams!

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