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Snow Trek To Nag Tibba

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Do you seek adventure and a loads of fun with your family? Have you ever wished for a place where you could go with your family for trekking? If yes, then Nag Tibba is the perfect destination for you.

The Place

Situated at 3.022 mts, Nag Tibba is the highest peak located in Uttrakhand's lesser Himalayan region. It is a 57 km drive from Mussoorie. According to the mythology, this place used to be the adobe of Snake God (Nag Devta). Locals come here to worship the snake god believing that the god would protect their cattle from any harm. Easily accessible from Delhi, this place is one of the best treks around; at 10,000 feet, one can witness the snow-capped landscape and enjoy the magnificent views of Bandarpoonch peak, the Gangotri group of peaks,  Kedarnath peak in the north, Doon valley and the snow peaks of Chanabang.


Why Should You come here

Nag Tibba trek is truly an ideal place for a family vacation. By spending some time here, the kids could learn a lot about mother nature. Famous writer Bill Aitken wrote about this place in his critically acclaimed novel 'Seven Years In Tibet'.  Nag Tibba offers beautiful sceneries of Oak and Deodar forests along with diverse birds and wildlife. One can witness the unique yet simple way of life of the local population in this Garhwali region. Not only this, you also get to be a part of loads of exciting activities like water sports, rock climbing, etc. Ponies and vehicles can also be availed here.


The Adventure

The trek starts from Viraatkhai camp where you all will be greeted by the instructors. A basic training and loads of fun sports activities are arranged in the course of two days. On the first day, your basic training will start with learning to tie the know in rock climbing. The instructor would guide you through the different aspects of rock climbing in rappelling sessions and teach you safety tricks. You will be acclimatized for the trek ahead and given all the important instructions for the journey. The adventure trip advances towards the beautiful Yamuna valley flowing through the lower Himalyan region.

The next day will start with a bang and loads of fun. You will enjoy various water activities in river Yamuna. The main emphasis behind these activities would be to get you accustomed to the various aspects of river hydrology that can come handy in water sports like rafting, kayaking, surfing and river crossing.

We would begin the third day with a drive to the starting point of the trek. At 10,000 feet, Nag Tibba is covered with a thick layer of snow. One can indulge in some good family time here; the kids would love playing in snow. Trek to Nagtibba is not difficult and hence it is the most recommended place for family treks. Also, ponies and vehicles are provided to those who do not wish to walk the long trek. This place has ferns and oak trees lined along the way and offers a spectacular view of the Himalayas.

By the time, you finish this trek and come back, you and the children>By the time, you finish this trek and come back, you and the children will be equipped with all the basic knowledge about different aspects of outdoor adventures - creating fire, building emergency shelters, cooking with limited resources and such.  Now won't that be a blessing away from mundane video games for your kids?


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