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Why Go To The Valley Of Flowers : A Travelogue

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Blink once. Twice. Thrice.    Still there. Still very much real. !
A multitude of the brightest colours as far as the eye can see. And beyond.
Don’t rush to get the camera or the phone to check-in and grab that ‘perfect selfie’. No. Just stop. Take off those Ray-Bans and just LOOK. Take a deep breath of the gentle fragrant air. There are no words. Just no words to describe this kind of beauty.

Guest Author: Akshara
Bookworm, travel junkie, food romantic and trapped in the incessant battle to lose those extra 10 pounds. Akshara has a passion for story-telling and is always on the lookout for anything that she could twist her words around and turn into an entertaining tale.

Welcome to the Valley of Flowers

Located a day and half’s worth of a drive and trek from Rishikesh, if you choose to stop for the night at Govindghat, this place is a glorious paradise. With the motorable road extending only upto Govindghat, you need to trek down to the Valley from there on. And what a beautiful trek it is!

No honking, no passing motorists drenching you in exhaust. Just a lovely cool breeze to fan your face when you take a break from your trek for a sip of water and the tweet-twitter of birds to entertain you along the way. Trace the path that many have before you with step after satisfying step as you draw closer to one of the most beautiful places in the world – the Valley of Flowers, a World Heritage Site.

The Valley of Flowers has been blessed with a phenomenal collection of fauna and some of the rarest flora in the world. While orchids, poppies, daisies and anemones carpet the entire valley, they are also joined by many other exotic and medicinal plants. The fragile ecological balance in the valley is a key to maintaining this beauty. Heavy snow and rains along with the Pushpawati River keeps the soil well-watered and the summers bring with them enough sunlight for these plants to open up and turn their sleepy eyes towards.

Aptly named so, the Valley of Flowers are rife with a variety of plants and flowers. However, this Valley is also home to some rare and often endangered species of Himalayan wildlife.

Duration: 6 Days
Season: Jun-Oct
Grade: Moderate +
Region: Garhwal (Uttarakhand)

The Grey Langur, Blue Sheep and Red Fox. The Snow Leopard, Lime Butterfly and Musk Deer are only a handful of names in this extensive list of animals that call this lovely place home. Maybe you would be lucky to get a glimpse and actually see them in person (animal?).


Now it is of course understandable that finally getting the opportunity to visit this beauty is enough to make one go nuts. And one should. What else is life without some screaming and radical hair tossing, right? But please go nuts responsibly, be a responsible traveller. Don’t toss your cigarettes and bags of chips all over the place. They’re more harmful to the plants than they will ever be to you. Don’t pluck the flowers, stick them behind an ear and wait for compliments. Definitely do NOT allow your kids to take their precious little crocs and WRECK HAVOC (*ahem*)… I mean, smoosh those poor petals or run about screaming at your kids to get clicked with you. Yes, this does happen unfortunately often.

Valley of Flowers is a trek that is brimming with beautiful sights and we must let others enjoy the simple pleasures of fresh air and green carpets dotted with exotic, colourful flowers just as others before us have.

Oh and yes, do come back again because the Valley of Flowers is always going to enchant you.

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