Ever wondered how does it feel after white water rafting?

Jayalgarh Rafting

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Remember that episode from FRIENDS when Monica is down in the dumps after breaking it off with (oh so yummy) Richard and no one could help her feel better? Remember how Phoebe tried one of her tricks and made her relax and think about her happy place? Though it didn't really work with Monica, but that scene always (I repeat, ALWAYS) transports me to my happy place, which invariably has water in it. Being an Earth Sign, I guess my affinity towards water is destined and that's why I am happiest when I am near a river, at a beach, by a lake or a waterfall. There is just no other explanation to what flowing water does to me. And that's why a rafting trip to Jayalgarh is on the top of my Travel Bucket list.

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White Water Rafting is something that I am waiting to do since long. But, somehow, something or the other keeps on postponing this adventure of a lifetime. How thrilling it must be to actually conquer those waters, if only for a short time. From the rush that just the pictures of rafting expeditions give me, I am certain that it's going to be mind-blowing. What an out of the world experience it would be, to actually feel waters rushing through your mind, body and soul, while a raft trying to cut through the stream and make its way forward. It must be like a really fast paced poetry.

Since I have compared rafting to poetry, the location has to be special too. I am not going to do it at a random place at the most famous destination, but a carefully chosen one.

Duration: 2 Days
Season: Feb-Jun, Sep-Nov
Grade: Mod
Region: Uttarakhand

One, which gives my heart and soul - what they both desire and I have zeroed in on Jayalgarh, 90 km from Rishikesh on the Badrinath Highway which is one of the most sought-after locations for water sports enthusiasts. The Himalayan Eco Lodge, Jayalgarh offers an amazing riverside luxury camp and base to raft from, on Alaknanda, Higher Alaknanda and Ganga. One of the differentiating factors of Jayalgarh camp is the opportunity to raft on five different rivers - Alaknanda, Ganga, Mandakini, Bhagirath and Pinder. The location is ideal for nature lovers and bird lovers as well because of the unprecedented beauty that this camp is a part of. There's something for everyone!


A three day rafting trip with GIO is ideal for the adventure that it offers. Day One begins with driving to Srikot and then rafting back to the camp in Class 2 Rapids, a 15km stretch, with a halt at Maletha Beach for some fun activities. Day Two gets a little more adventurous with rafting for about 25kms in Class 11 and Class 111 Rapids, until Devprayag. Now this one is extra special because Devprayag is where the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi meet to become the holy Ganga. Just the thought of being able to set foot in those waters gives me goose bumps. Though I am not really the religious kinds, but the origin of the Ganga which makes our planes so fertile and fit for farming has to be extra special. And add to that the historical or religious importance of the Ganga, and it could reach another level of awesome!


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I booked jayalgarh camp through Gio and I stayed there for 3 nights with my 5 friends and got excellent services. The Jayalgarh camp site is really an excellent place. the food and hospitality are also excellent, and the swiss tents are in good condition. A great unforgettable first hand experience of river rafting and many other water adventures such as slithering and cliff jumping. Professional and trained personnel. Thanks to Gio and its team.
Created On 2015-09-20 11:52:09 Posted By "around the world and back." This is know is true!So sweet. Glad you had a bit of family time tohgeter. Between you and I, we will keep all the gas companies in business. :0 Comment Link
"around the world and back." This is know is true!So sweet. Glad you had a bit of family time tohgeter. Between you and I, we will keep all the gas companies in business. :0

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