How trekking helps in building a healthy lifestyle?

Published 04 Nov 2019 Author Shakinah Hussain

Let us look at some of the benefits -


Adventure and travel helps reduces stress and anxiety while giving a slight excitement and inducing benefits of living close to nature.  Living in a fast moving/ paced world, where everything is commercialised, getting close to nature satisfies the heart.  With the escape from the stressful environment a getaway into the mountains brings a person at peace.


Taking trips and indulging in adventure activities on a regular basis helps you stay in agood shape. It may be just trekking and getting outdoors. While trekking you burn these calories and carrying a good amount of weight on your backhelps you push yourself harder.


By exercising and being active provides you better sleep. Also, taking in fresh air and being amidst the outdoors brings peace to the mind,having countless number of thoughts. Why do we actually travel?I believe we do this to find peace and a way out from the noise of the world. Hence, when you are in the outdoors you are able to find that peace and tranquillity that helps in providing you a good night sleep too.


When you are trekking, you will be meeting people with the same mindset& this helps in building new relationships. In the outdoors it is like a survival game, hence, people get bonded with each other and share their likings and desires which helps in creating everlasting friendships.


While walking just tones your legs, trekking at high altitudes while carrying a backpack helps the entire body to work out.


Research shows that hiking is very therapeutic. Those who are suffering from depression,when they indulge in an active lifestyle by exercising and getting outdoors to hike or camp it acts as a therapy too.


Spending time in the nature and communing with it, instils in you, a peace of mind. As you become more observant and aware of your surroundings it opens up the mind and brings creative thoughts that helps you trigger your imagination. Moreover, reducing the use of technology and unplugging from it completely helps you detoxify.


Author: Shakinah Hussain

A writer, an animal lover, a photographer and a traveller. I strongly believe that every animal deserves a home.

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