Adventure & Outdoors Trips Themes – Gio Adventure


GIO Adventures brings you a wide pallette of themes based on Adventure and the Outdoors to try and touch various segments of people. Our approach is experiential. We let the Outdoors and Nature do the teaching.

Active Vacations   Corporate Adventures
Go on a fun filled weekend full of activities. Choose from a number of activities specially tailored for you. There are activities for adults as well as for children. Activities such as day hikes, rope courses and clmbing within the lodge/camp area, rafting, kayaking and other water sports. Turn your sedantary weekend to healthy active ones!
GIO's Corporate Adventures is an organized outdoors adventure program for your team, where all what is expected of them is to have fun, relax, rejuvanete and bond. And the take away is tremendous. We have exhilarating experiences in form of Trekking, Whitewater Rafting, Cycling, Amazing Road Journeys to name a few. 
Active Vacations   Corporate Adventures
Family Active Vacations are for the whole family and thaat may include all generations from Grand Parent's to Grand Kids or just the couple and their one. Families that thrive on the spirit of adventure or want to get started, are welcome to join us in the effort of bringing together like-minded travellers to explore the outdoors. The intent of 'family active vacations' is to add a dash of learning through fun activities for the entire family
GIO Adventure's School Program, Kshitij is a focused approach aimed at developing the 'Right Attitude' by using the power of the outdoors and principles of experiential learning. It offers a refreshing set of outdoor learning programs for children and young adults with the aim of continuing and complimenting their skills and attitude building process.